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Best Rhyming Games and Toys

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Rhyming words are not only fun to say and hear, but they also teach children language development and literacy. Here are a few of the best rhyming games and toys that are both engaging and educational, and help young children get excited about playing with words..

This game features colorful illustrations to ensure kids can begin to recognize the names of familiar objects. Kids will have fun putting the puzzle pieces together while also learning how to spell. The pieces are easy to put together and pull apart, which can improve hand-eye coordination. Three- to four-letter words are used on the puzzles, and this game is ideal for kids ages 3 and up. The materials are durable and won’t bend or wear down when pulled apart. With a variety of rhyming words included, this activity grows with your child.


Rhyming/Sight Words/Consonants Wipe-Off Bingo Game (Toy)

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This colorful, educational Wipe-Off Bingo set includes three different games to keep kids engaged as they expand their vocabulary. The games help children practice rhyming words and sight words as well as identify initial consonants. The font is bold and legible to ensure it’s easy to read for children ages 4 and up. The compact size of the game makes it suitable to use while traveling, and the case is sturdy and keeps the cards organized.

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Trend Enterprises Rhyming Fun-to-Know Puzzle (Toy)

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This puzzle keeps children engaged with the colorful images while they learn to match rhyming words like “cat” and “hat”. It’s ideal for use in both the home and classroom. Each piece measures 3-inches-by-3-inches with durable cardboard that doesn’t bend easily. The self-correcting pieces help players gain confidence as they find rhyming pairs. This game is recommended for kids 3 and older. With 24 two-sided puzzles included, it’s easy for children to keep busy for extended periods of time without losing interest.

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Junior Learning Rhyming Bingo Educational Action Games (Toy)

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The bold, colorful images used in this bingo game make it attractive and suitable for children ages 4 and older. Teachers and students can use the activity in the classroom, or it can be played with a group of friends. As children recognize each image and its corresponding word, they’ll be able to quickly find other rhyming words among the deck of cards.The simplicity of this activity allows for plenty of independent play without a lot of adult supervision or assistance required. The images are printed on sturdy, thick pieces of paper, and the set includes four bingo boards, 24 cards and a durable cardboard box for storage.. .

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Educational Insights Rhyme Out! (Toy)

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The strategy of this rhyming game requires players to listen to three clues and shout out a rhyming answer. It encourages players to interact with each other, having so much fun that they won’t realize they’re getting an educational experience in the process. The game includes 600 questions and offers hours of enjoyment. The game boosts cognitive function, critical thinking and memory skills, and it is recommended for 10- to 18-year-olds.

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“I can still recall playing rhyming games with my mother as a little girl. These sorts of games can have a major impact on comprehension, vocabulary, spelling and enunciation for young children. Starting young is encouraged.”

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