Best Resealable Gallon-Size Plastic Bags for School

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These bags come in a variety of sizes — gallon, sandwich and snack — making them perfect for packing your child’s lunches and snacks without any waste.

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Made of high-quality, food-grade material, these bags are freezer-safe and can be reused hundreds of times. Simply wash the inside by hand after use, air dry and use again.

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Thanks to the color indicator double seal tabs, you can be confident these bags are truly closed. When the blue and yellow sides are properly aligned, the extra-wide seal appears green.

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You’ll appreciate the double zipper closure on these bags — just like you’d find on more expensive brands. Plus, these bags are BPA-free, so you can use them with peace of mind.

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The improved double seal gives you peace of mind that these bags are securely closed. Plus, these storage bags are leakproof and are great for holding school supplies.

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These storage bags have an expanding bottom that is designed to stand up, making them easier to fill. Plus, you can use permanent markers to label them without the ink shifting or sliding.

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These bags are reinforced to be flexible and resist puncturing or tearing. These bags are also safe for use in the freezer, giving them improved functionality for all your kitchen needs.

Expert Commentary

These gallon bags are essential items in any household. From storing food to household goods, these spacious, durable zips will come in handy frequently. The options here include different price points and zip styles — chose the one best for you. If you plan to use them as freezer bags or store heavier items, make sure to go with the thicker, more durable options.