Best Regular Pencils

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The unsharpened No. 2 pencils in this pack of 144 are made of high-quality materials. The wood is soft and allows for easy sharpening and a comfortable grip, the graphite lead has bold color and sharpness, and the eraser tops are latex-free and easily erase mistakes. These pencils are great for standard classroom use, as well as for drawing and art.

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These No. 2 pencils are pre-sharpened, so students can get right to writing. The points are sharp and precise, and the high-quality wood allows for easy sharpening to keep that point strong. These pencils have latex-free erasers at the ends that won’t smudge mistakes, and the medium-soft lead is strong and reliable.

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Ticonderoga Pencils have been touted as the world’s best pencils and it is not difficult to see why. This high-quality option offers a smooth writing experience. The 30 pencils in this set come pre-sharpened so they are ready to use out of the box. As a bonus, the pencil erasers do not include any latex, so parents and teachers can be sure they are OK to use in any classroom. These pencils are recommended for children ages 3 and older.

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These pencils have latex-free erasers that are soft and not prone to smudging. Thanks to the soft texture of these erasers, they do not tear paper, even when used to clean up heavier marks. The pencils have a satin matte coating and are hexagonal in shape, making them comfortable to hold as well.

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Amazon Basics now offers wooden pencils of fantastic quality in this 150-piece set. The pencils have a medium-soft lead that will leave marks that are smooth, bold and easy to read. The erasers are free from any latex and do not tend to leave behind any smudges. Meanwhile, the shape and the finish of the pencils makes them comfortable to hold even when a student is sitting down for a long spelling test.

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The Koala Tools pencils are a terrific option for children who are just learning to write, as their triangular grip and chubby core helps to promote a strong grip. They are not only comfortable but also help build fine motor skills. The thick lead helps create lines that are easy to read and that younger children can feel confident in as they learn. The quality graphite of these pencils also makes them a terrific option for drawing.

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These pencils are a terrific choice as they bring a little bit of excitement to the learning experience. Children love bright colors, and these pencils come in varying shades including red, blue, purple and yellow. The pencils themselves are pre-sharpened for added convenience and the erasers are latex-free.

Expert Commentary

“Although wooden pencils are not as popular as they were in previous decades, they are a must for all households. Unlike pens and mechanical pencils, wooden pencils allow you to sketch, smudge, erase and control sharpness or dullness deliberately. There is no one writing utensil that has exactly supplanted the need for a classic wooden pencil.”



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