Best Protractor

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This set includes a basic, transparent protractor with precise lines as well as a plastic compass. The compass can make circles as large as 12 inches in diameter and has a locking mechanism to keep its arms in line.

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This pack of three protractors is a great value. The numbers are easy to read and don’t fade, and the swingarm has an open slot in the middle to draw precisely angled lines.

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The clear plastic makes it easier for students to find angles with this protractor. The angle marks are black-bonded to prevent them from wearing off with use.

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As is common with protractors, this pick is also made from clear plastic for easier use. We like that the ruler also features both inch and centimeter measurements.

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This protractor measures 180 degrees with inner and outer markings that are easy to read. Note that it may ship in assorted colors, but all protractors are clear for easier use.

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Both of these protractors are made from sturdy clear plastic and measure 180 degrees both right to left. The larger option gives measurements in both inches and centimeters.

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Each of these protractors measures six inches wide and measures zero to 180 degrees in both directions. The clear, sturdy plastic means that these can be used year after year.

Expert Commentary

Protractors are essential school supplies that all students grade school and up need. Protractors are not only learning tools, but also handy for measuring angles, sketching and ensuring symmetry. I personally use them for art projects and anytime I need to measure angles and ensure straight lines. The options above are durable and vary in amount, color and design. They are all clear for easy reading and getting the job done.