Best Power Strip

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These power strips have surge protection and smart technology that detects the maximum and optimal charge speed for each device. Plus, there are mounting holes on the back of each strip so they can be attached to a wall.

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This power strip has a 6-foot cord and a three-level surge protector circuit that’s designed to prevent your plugged-in devices from getting damaged by power surges. The power strip can comfortably fit 16 plugs at once and charges devices quickly.

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You’ll like that the cord is 6 feet long for improved access. The fire-resistant shell adds enhanced protection, and the copper wire composition efficiently dissipates heat.

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The KMC power strip has an indicator light that confirms the surge protection feature is active. Plus, the exterior is flame-retardant up to 1,562 degrees Fahrenheit.

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This handy power strip includes a built-in circuit breaker. There’s also a 6-foot cord, and you can choose between white or black to suit the decor of your room.

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The Belkin power strips also work as surge protectors to prevent spikes or fluctuations in the power grid from damaging your devices or appliances.

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The GE surge protector is one of the best options for cord length. The cord measures 10 feet long. You’ll also like that you get the standard six outlets.

Expert Commentary

Power strips with surge protectors are a must in any household or classroom. These are the most popular tried-and-true options that are also affordable. For those wanting extra frills, choose the one with the added USB ports so you can do even more device charging without needing the plugs. Also take into consideration the cord length — you may need a longer cord or a shorter one if it’s just underneath a desk or smaller space.