Best Poster Board

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This 25-pack of 22 by 28 inch poster boards is perfect for the classroom. The four-ply poster board is nice and durable, and the two different finishes are ideal for different types of projects.

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Each poster board in this 10-pack measures 22 by 28 inches. The paper is a bit thinner than some other options, but it still holds up well. The white is bright, making it easy to read off of, especially when mounted on a wall.

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Pacon Super Value poster board is not too stiff but still thick enough to hold up well when used to create visual aids. The bulk amount of poster board in this pack makes it a good option for classrooms.

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School Smart poster Board has a bright white color designed to make images and words stand out. Even when used with heavy-duty markers, the ink doesn’t tend to bleed through. The poster boards have one glossy and one matte side, allowing users to choose the option that best suits their needs.

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ArtSkills poster board can be used in many different ways, from creating signs to crafting visual aids. The poster board also picks up different media from basic ink to spray paint.

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UCreate Economy poster board has a nice weight that helps it hold up well and prevent rips or tears. Its matte surface makes it a good choice for use with different types of inks, paints and glue.

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Office Depot poster boards are a sturdy choice. They hold up well with items glued onto them and can be rolled and unrolled without damage. One side is slightly glossy, making it good for use with materials such as paint.

Expert Commentary

The possibilities are endless with poster boards — from presentations to art projects to creating signs — and the options above are great choices. I like the various options from matte to glossy as well as the different sizes. Choose the one that best suits what you are looking for — if you are looking to use markers vs. paint, you need to consider what material works best with that choice.



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