Best Pom-Poms

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We love that this set comes with glitter pom-poms as well as standard pom-poms. The large quantity makes this ideal for school art classes or your child’s craft kit.

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Each pom-pom in this pack measures 1 inch in diameter. These pom-poms are ideal for classrooms, summer camp or your at-home crafting corner.

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Shoppers focused on supporting positive causes will also like that this brand donates 10% of its profits to charitable causes that focus on the essential needs of children in poverty.

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We like the wide color variety you get with Acerich’s pom-poms. Children will love the soft squishy surfaces, and are sure to enjoy using them in a wide range of crafts.

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Each pom-pom measures an inch and a half in diameter. The assortment of eight colors will keep children delighted and engaged. Each pack contains 120 pom-poms.

Expert Commentary

Children love pom-poms, and these are the best multi-packs on the market! They are fun to glue on art projects, use to make jewelry and toys and just play with. Some parents and teachers also use these as educational toys with which to teach children arithmetic and colors. Some of these packs include extra add-ons or various size and color options. Choose the selection you believe your child or class would most enjoy.