Best Pocket Charts

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The Teacher Created Pocket Chart has seven long, clear pockets to display flashcards, nametags, teaching materials and more. The black background makes the contents easy to read, but there are fun and engaging border patterns to choose from as well. It measures 28 inches by 28 inches so it is easy to hang on a wall, and can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

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The Eamay Pocket Chart has 10 rows of pockets and is made of heavy-duty material that is sure to last. It has four metal grommets that make it easy to hang on walls, whiteboards, chart stands and more. The large 43-inch by 28-inch size allows it to hold plenty of materials for classrooms while the clear pockets keep everything visible and organized.

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The MISSLO Classroom Pocket Chart is a stylish option with large, clear PVC pockets that offer a clear view of the items kept inside. It is ideal for the storage of items such as calculators or even cell phones, with the pockets themselves being large enough to fit even larger model phones. The pocket chart comes with strong metal hooks that help keep it hanging firmly in place on a whiteboard or over a door. The entire pocket chart has a total of 30 pockets, so there is space to store enough items for an entire classroom.

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These Learning Resources Magnetic Pocket Chart Squares come in a set of four in red, yellow, green and blue. The different pocket charts are smaller options that offer great visual aids for different types of learning. Each pocket chart has five rows of clear slots where cards can be inserted for teaching new words, introducing rhyming words or learning other new skills. Meanwhile, the other side of the pocket chart features two large storage pockets where additional cards and other items can be kept.

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The SpriteGru Tabletop Desktop Pocket Chart stands up on its own, making it easy to assemble in virtually any space for quick lessons. It folds down flat so it can easily be stored away when not in use to help save space. The pocket chart comes with five display pockets on each side made from clear PVC film. Additionally, the chart comes with reusable dry erase cards measuring 11 inches by 2 inches for use with the pocket chart.

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The Essex Wares Small Classroom Pocket Chart is terrific when you’re in need of a chart for smaller lessons. It is approximately a quarter of the size of most standard pocket charts, so it does not take up as much room as most. It is also made of a sturdy, durable fabric so it can withstand repeated use. The pockets are capable of holding standard 3-inch strips of paper, and the straps are stiffened to help notes stand upright. The grommets are sturdy, helping the pocket chart attach firmly to hooks so it can stay upright on a door or wall.

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The Scholastic Standard Pocket Chart is a classic option that offers children plenty of ways to learn. It is oversized at 34 inches by 44 inches, making it big enough for every child even in a large group to easily view. The chart includes 10 see-through pockets that will easily fit sentence strips or index cards. Among the biggest benefits of this pocket chart is the inclusion of a plastic dowel rod that helps to keep the chart sturdy and secure. Additionally, the nylon pocket chart is flame-retardant for a measure of extra security.

Expert Commentary

“There are a million uses for these handy pocket charts. Scrabble for words, numbers for arithmetic computations, storage for supplies … the list goes on. I especially like the variety of sizes and quality of the above items, which will be handy for years to come. Once your child is done using a pocket chart, you can convert it to use for storage (like jewelry, keys or art supplies).”