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These Sharpie gel pens go on smoothly, dry quickly and do not smear. They do not tend to bleed either, even on thinner paper. The pens are retractable, so the nib stays safe when stored away and will not accidentally mark up your belongings. They feature a contoured rubber grip that makes them comfortable to use even for longer writing sessions.

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These Pilot G2 pens can hold a large amount of ink and will not run out quickly. They have a comfortable grip that makes them easy to hold and will not lead to hand fatigue even after a longer period of use. The ink dries quickly on the page, so it will not smear as you write. A retractable point and a sturdy clip on the end offer more convenience.

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The Pilot G2 rolling ball gel pens write incredibly smoothly, which only adds to the writer’s overall comfort level when using them. Each pen lasts a long time, and when necessary, they can be refilled for further use. The pen tips are retractable so they can easily be stored away to avoid getting ink on any precious items. These pens are available in ultra fine, extra fine, fine and bold point options.

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The Fisher Bullet Space Pen suits any writing style since it can make marks at any angle — even upside down. This high-quality pen can withstand the abuse of even the rowdiest little ones. The removable clip helps to keep it in place when not in use. As an added bonus, it comes with a lifetime warranty against any potential defects.

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BIC Round Stic Xtra Life pens have a long lifespan — the company says they last up to 90% longer than similar pens on the market. The round barrel of the pens makes them comfortable to use, even for smaller hands. Because each pack contains 36 pens, this is a great option for outfitting a classroom.

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The Sakura Pigma Micron Blister pen set is a great option for writing or for artistic endeavors such as inking a drawing. The pens use archival-quality pigma ink that is waterproof and resists fading over time. Additionally, the ink dries quickly, which helps to reduce smudging after being put down on the page. This set comes with one pen each in six sizes ranging from 0.20 millimeters to 0.50 millimeters.

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Zebra Z-Grip Ballpoint Pens have a smooth, black ink that helps to make for a skipless writing experience. Each pen has a clip to help keep it in place and store it away when not in use. A rubberized grip makes it comfortable to hold even for little ones just getting used to working with pens, and the 24 pack makes it a great value for classrooms.

Expert Commentary

“These pens are classic and bound to prove useful in the classroom and at home. They are affordable, tried and true. I especially like the quality of ink in these choices.”