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Best Pencils for Preschool

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Preschool is a time when children begin to practice writing their names and additional letters in the alphabet and pencils are the preferred writing tool to use because the lead can be erased when mistakes are made. Parents who are sending their kids off to school, should consider quality and ergonomic design as they make the purchase of their kids’ first pencils. We’ve listed a few of our top picks here.

Whether they’re stored in a pencil box or placed in a desk drawer, these classic yellow pencils stand out among others on the market. Parents can have peace of mind knowing they’re certified nontoxic by the Pencil Makers Association, making them safe for kids to use each day. These Ticonderoga pencils have a large diameter, which is ideal for kids to use in the early stages of their writing development. The triangular shape also prevents pencils from rolling off tables. An additional benefit is that the lead is thicker, which prevents it from breaking easily when excess pressure is applied.

The Faber-Castell Jumbo Graphite Pencil Back to School Set includes two green and two blue pencils, which are pre-sharpened in the packaging. These pencils feature an ergonomic design, making them comfortable for little hands to hold. One of the most unique features is the added dot bumpers that keep pencils from slipping. Their triangular shape prevents hand cramps when kids spend time writing or drawing throughout the day and the leads are break-resistant for new writers learning how much pressure to apply. Their high-quality lead looks bright and shiny on paper even when unsharpened. An easy-open sharpener is an added benefit.

These pencils are easy to erase, allowing kids to clean up their mistakes without tearing the paper as they learn how to write and draw. They teach children how to have a proper grip and are ideal for building finger strength. The lead is also dark and easily visible, which prevents kids from thinking they need to apply more pressure than necessary. The long length of the pencils holds more lead, so they last longer. Additionally, high-quality wood prevents the pencils from breaking or bending easily.The pencils are wide, with an ergonomic, rounded triangular exterior ensures.that children can grip them easily.

Coolest Colors

Musgrave Pencil Co Inc Tot Big Dipper Jumbo Pencils, with Eraser School Supplies (Toy)

List Price: $6.25 USD
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The lead in these pencils makes strong, sharp markings without requiring too much pressure. They are easy to sharpen and last a long time before they begin to get dull. They write smoothly and aren’t prone to breakage over time. The large diameter of the pencils prevents children’s hands from becoming cramped while writing. Quality erasers on the top of each pencil make it easy to remove mistakes in seconds.

Best Lead

BAZIC #2 The First Jumbo Premium Yellow Pencil (4/pack) (Office Product)

List Price: $2.61 USD
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Pencils in The BAZIC #2 The First jumbo premium yellow pencil pack feature a jumbo barrel shape for beginner writers. With a width of one centimeter, these writing implements are easy to grip for students developing motor skills. Children can become more confident in letter formation due to the comfortable, more balanced shape and length The pencils are designed to feel lightweight to prevent hands from getting fatigued but a heavy-duty design ensures that they hold up well when kids apply too much pressure. The thick size of the lead also reduces the risk of the tip breaking off frequently, allowing a long lifespan without frequent sharpeningThe bright yellow exterior contributes to their classic design and appeal.

Expert Commentary

“I have seen the challenges of finding the right pencils for preschoolers and hope to help others. Given the limited dexterity of these younger children, a larger grip area helps a lot. I also recommend more durable pencils given the challenging wear and tear of preschoolers. Sow the seeds of writing and reading early with pencils, and always use extra supervision at first.”

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