Best Pencil Holders Desk Organizers To Cut Clutter

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This is perfect for households and classrooms alike. The bamboo is durable, and the rotating design ensures no pen or pencil is tough to grab when you need it. There is plenty of room to hold a variety of writing and coloring utensils.

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With four compartments, there is plenty of space to hold pens and pencils, among other office items. The two side compartments are perfect for pencils, while the two middle ones are great for storing smaller items, like paper clips or sticky tabs.

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Available in black and silver, we like that this pencil holder desk organizer is small enough to sit on your desk without taking up too much space. Plus, there’s a supply drawer for sticky notes.

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We like that this pencil holder desk organizer from AmazonBasics is ideal for smaller desktops, measuring 9.34 inches wide, 4.5 inches long and 4 inches tall.

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With this set of pencil holder desk organizers, you can hold as many as 50 pens or pencils in each cup. The non-slip rubber base is soft enough to prevent scratching surfaces.

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We think that this rose gold pencil holder desk organizer is perfect for a kid’s room — especially since rose gold is a metal tone that continues to stay in style.

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You’ll appreciate that with this pencil holder desk organizer you can keep all your essential daily supplies close at hand while keeping your desktop tidy.

Expert Commentary

One of my pet peeves is looking for that lost pen or pencil and not having one handy when I need one immediately. Never misplace your pen again with these handy pencil holders. They are necessary for all classrooms and households — and you will need more than one so you can have easy access whenever you need! These are durable and have simple designs to match any household or classroom.