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Because of its wide opening, it is super easy to see all the contents inside this pencil case. It can easily hold up to 50 pens or pencils and has three small interior side pockets — two mesh pockets and one larger zippered pocket — to organize smaller items. You can even fit calculators or small rulers inside without issue. It’s available in fun colors. The handy strap also makes it easy to carry when you don’t want it in a backpack.

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This pencil case has a fantastic capacity: it can hold up to 100 pens and pencils. Three compartments allow supplies to be separated and organized. Small rulers, calculators or even mini staplers easily fit in the main compartment or side pouch. The other side zipper compartment has elastic straps to keep favorite pens or pencils easy to find. The pencil case has a durable zipper, an exterior loop and an easy-grip handle, allowing you to carry it separately or clip it to a backpack.

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The ProCase Pencil Bag is a quality pencil case featuring a simple but effective design. It fits easily into any bag, but is still able to fit a good quantity of pens, pencils and other items. Its felt material is environmentally friendly and offers great protection against any scratches or bumps you may encounter. Additionally, the zipper closure of the bag is high-quality and not prone to snags, making it easy to open and close. This set includes two pencil cases.

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The ZIPIT Talking Monster Pencil Case is sure to be a big hit with any child who is a fan of curious creatures. It is large enough to fit 25 to 30 pens or pencils, making it a great option for any student. The long zipper is extra wide and makes accessing the pouch’s contents easy. The bag is durable and machine-washable and can withstand plenty of use. You can download a free mobile app to go with your case, which allows you to play games, listen to jokes and more.

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The EASTHILL Medium Capacity Storage Pouch is a terrific option for anybody who has plenty of pens, pencils or other items they need to keep organized and stored away. It has the ability to store and organize up to 50 pens or pencils and other gadgets and features details such as multiple zippers, a band and a front window so you can easily see your supplies at a glance. The case is made of a sturdy canvas material that keeps it from becoming damaged, even when toted around on a daily basis. Meanwhile, an extra handle on the side makes it easy to carry.

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The Homecube Pencil Case is notable for its rectangular shape, which only adds to its ability to hold a good number of pencils and pens in addition to other items. Because of its shape, it can hold longer items than other pencil cases. Additionally, the sturdy sides of the pencil case allow it to stand up well to everyday use, protecting the contents inside. The center flap of the pencil case offers additional protection for and easy access to your most important items. The pencil case comes with a high-quality, durable zipper that can withstand plenty of use.

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The BTSKY High Capacity Pencil Case can hold a large number of items, making it the perfect choice for those who want to carry all their writing and art tools with them. It is crafted from an incredibly durable material that helps keep everything inside safe, no matter where you take it. The inside compartments and detachable inserts also help to ensure everything stays organized. Additional interior loops prevent the items inside from falling out. The handle strap allows you to easily carry the pencil case wherever you need to go.

Expert Commentary

“These are the sleekest, most well-designed and affordable pencil cases out there. Choose from a variety of sizes, colors and materials. They are useful for holding pencils, pens, markers and other items to easily transport anywhere. It’s important to have a high-quality case so that you don’t have loose pencils or pens staining your book bag, backpack or purse. Keep organized with these beautiful cases.”



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