Best Peg Board Toys

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This pegboard toy includes a pegboard with 10 pictures with missing colors. Kids will match the correct peg to the color slot for each picture. The pictures are bright and engaging, and kids can even play without the pictures — they can create their own patterns and pictures on the pegboard. Cleanup is easy because all the pegs can fit underneath the pegboard. This toy is designed for kids ages 2-4 and reinforces counting and sorting skills, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and creative thinking.

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This toy features 10 pictures that kids will fill in using different colored pegs. The pegs easily slip into the pegboard and their size is large enough for small hands to easily handle. There are six different colors for kids to learn and recognize as they play with this toy. The pegs can even be used without a picture, so kids can design whatever patterns they want. This toy helps develop fine motor skills, dexterity, color recognition, patterning and sequencing. It’s designed for kids 2 and older.

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Peg Board Stacking Toddler Toys are made for kids 2 and up. Thirty-six pegs are included in the box, along with a drawstring bag that can be worn as a backpack to make it easy to carry and transport. The jumbo peg toys are the right size for little hands to grasp, and the foam board makes it easy to insert each peg and pull it out multiple times without too much strength. Children can learn to make patterns — which can help develop math skills — and stack the various pieces. It also includes a string that can be laced through the pegs, which double as beads.

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For an early educational experience, young children can enjoy learning how to stack multiple pegs with this toy. Toddlers and preschoolers will get a thrill out of stacking the pegs and sorting them into different patterns. The colorful pieces help children stay engaged and develop color recognition skills. Overall, the toy is a great option for developing hand-eye coordination, motor coordination and visual perception. It includes 60 pegs in six different colors and three pegboards, so multiple children can join in on the fun. A drawstring bag is also included to ensure the pieces stay together and are convenient to transport. Color recognition, sorting and math skills are some of the benefits of using the toy to prepare children for school. Due to the hollow design of each peg, they can also be laced onto a string. The set is recommended for kids ages 3 and up.

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This peg board set includes oversized pegs to ensure small children can hold and play with the multiple pieces with ease. The versatility of the pegs offers endless entertainment and allows kids to try different activities. The six different colors of the pegs also help kids learn how to create patterns and strengthen their color-recognition skills. Storing this toy is convenient and easy with the included drawstring bag. It can be taken on the go while traveling and used in the car or while riding on a plane. The pegs are washable and easy to keep clean even with frequent use. The durability of the materials also allows them to last long-term without cracking or breaking easily. This option is recommended for kids ages 3 and up.

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This peg board toy encourages children to use hand-eye coordination while placing each peg on the board. Stacking and placing the pegs correctly on the board develops motor skills while improving children’s visual perception. It’s also a constructive toy for kids who have special needs or have fallen behind in school. Recommended for children ages 3 and up, the Gleeporte Set includes one storage bag and one board. The bag is durable and includes a convenient drawstring to make it easy to clean up all of the pieces or take them on the go. Kids can benefit from this toy by learning the different colors of the pegs, understanding patterns and learning how to count.

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Ten different colors of pegs are provided in this set, allowing kids to learn a wider variety of colors compared to similar products on the market. The large size of the pegs makes the pieces easy to find and grasp for small children ages 3 and up. The two peg boards interlock and feature a specific row for each color of peg included. This allows children to learn where to place each color and keep everything organized. Kids can learn how to become more creative while playing with the pegs as they learn how to count, stack and sort. The set features a drawstring bag to transport the toy and keep all of the pieces together.

Expert Commentary

“Peg board sets are a perfect way to help toddlers and young children develop fine motor skills and can also help you introduce shape and color patterns. This is great preparation for kindergarten. Sets with a lot of pieces can also be a great way to teach children how to share. Watch for small pieces if your child likes to put things in their mouth.”



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