Best Paper Clips

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With a vinyl coating, these paper clips are able to get a better grip on paper than standard metal paper clips. They won’t scratch or tear paper and won’t leave any marks on pages. They are rust-proof and don’t bend out of shape easily, allowing them to be reused again and again. This pack includes 100 paper clips in assorted striped colors.

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These Officemate paper clips are made from high-quality steel and have a corrosion-resistant finish that ensures that your paper clips will last a long time. The paper clips come in red, yellow, black, purple, blue and green so you can color code or simply add a pop of color to your organization. They come in No. 2 and giant sizes for whatever task you have at hand.

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These EastPin Cat Paper Clips feature an adorable design that is perfect for any cat lover. There are 60 paper clips in each pack, with six colors including 10 each of gold, green, black, red, purple and silver cat-shaped paper clips. They are surprisingly strong and will stand up to multiple uses over time. Their smooth surface keeps them from snagging or tearing paper.

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Whether it’s for the classroom, the office or for someone who does plenty of paperwork at home, the Alago 700 Paper Clip pack is a terrific choice. It includes three different sizes of paper clips, so you will never struggle to find the right paper clip for your needs. These paper clips resist rusting and are durable, withstanding heavy use over a long time. Additionally, they are vinyl-coated, making them smoother to help prevent them from snagging on paper.

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These AmazonBasics No. 1 Paper Clips come in 10 boxes containing 100 paper clips each for a total of 1,000 paper clips. That makes this a great purchase for anyone looking for a bulk buy of paper clips for a classroom or office. These paper clips are capable of securely holding together even large amounts of paper, yet they can easily be removed when access to those documents is required. They are corrosion-resistant and have a non-skid finish along with ridges on the surface for a more secure placement.

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These U Brands Paper Clips come in 1 1/8-inch and 2-inch sizes and include a range of colors, such as black, yellow, red, green, blue and purple. Each pack contains 450 paper clips, so you have plenty to meet all your needs. The different color options are great for helping color-code papers for better organization. The vinyl coating of the paper clips helps to prevent snagging and tearing on papers, and they can easily be stored in the reusable plastic tub.

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These Vinaco Striped Paper Clips come in medium and large sizes. They feature fun, striped and colorful designs that are great for classrooms as well as for offices. They come in a segmented tub that helps keep them organized. The paper clips are rust-proof and durable, so they will last for many uses. Additionally, they are able to hold a great number of papers as well as thicker papers.

Expert Commentary

“Paper clips are a staple in classrooms and households, and these are the best quality choices. I like the variety packs with different sizes for flexibility, and the kids love the clips with the cat design. These are durable and include all the varieties you need for any situation.”