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Best Paintbrushes for Toddlers


Painting can help toddlers learn many essential life skills. Painting can help young children express their emotions while their verbal communication skills are developing. This also gives parents an inside look into how their children see the world, allowing them to better assist their youngsters with any problems or opportunities that may arise. In many ways, painting can be helpful for children who are both learning to navigate their feelings and developing a sense of self.

In addition to the mental aids, encouraging art exploration introduces early learning concepts such as color recognition and imaginative play. Using a paintbrush can also help young children to develop their fine motor skills. Below, we discuss our top picks for paintbrushes, selected for their ability to help children express themselves and assist with artistic development.

Melissa & Doug have been fine-tuning their products for over three decades to accommodate children of all ages and grade levels. The Jumbo Brush Set provides the perfect tools for young artists. Bright, inviting colors catch curious eyes. The easy-to-grip, sturdy handles give little hands more control while they create their masterpieces. These brushes are guaranteed to spark creativity and hands-on learning. Recommended for 2- to 4-year-olds.

Best Variety

Crayola Big Paint Brushes (4 Count Round), Great for Kids (Toy)

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Crayola is one of the biggest names in children’s activities for a reason. Crayola Big Paint Brushes give toddlers the assortment of tools needed to bring their imaginations to life. The brush bristles have rounded tips and range in size from broad to fine. The larger brush is good for beginners who need full coverage in less time, while the thinner options help develop dexterity and attention to detail. The soft, synthetic fibers hold a good amount of paint for fewer refills. They are also gentle enough not to tear through paper, even when pressure is applied. This set benefits children through creative play as they learn and grow. The brushes are made with nontoxic materials, which will ease worries about kids who haven’t outgrown the chewing stage. Recommended for children ages 3 to 10.

Children are known to be a little rough on their toys, but these US Art Supply brushes can hold their own. The oversized round handles have a slightly textured feel for a better grip, giving little hands more control while exploring new art techniques. Bright colors give them added appeal and help spark children’s imaginations. The bristles will stay in place whether used with paint, glue or other creative materials, so toddlers can create without getting their hands dirty. If they make a mess, the paintbrushes wash easily for future use. Recommended for children over 3 years old.

Bright colors invite toddlers to reach for these sturdy paintbrushes. Their imaginations will run wild as they practice hand coordination along the canvas, paper or other medium of their choice. The extra-thick handles aid with control and the rounded, lush bristles offer maximum coverage. Flat brushes are also included to help expand children’s techniques and aid in the filling in of larger areas. They can be used for just about any craft or art project with many different types of paint and are great for preschoolers just beginning to explore the wonderful world of color and art. Ideal for children ages 2 and older.

Classic Colors

Creativity Street 5168 Colossal Brush, Natural Bristle, Round (Set of 30) (Home)

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Painting projects can be messy, especially when toddlers are involved. The Creativity Street colossal paintbrushes make creating art easy while keeping messes manageable. A metal shield at the base of the bristles prevents paint from creeping up the handle and onto tiny hands, while easy-to-wash bristles come clean in minutes. The large handles also give youngsters the extra sturdiness needed for line and shape practice. These are a great option for children ages 3 and older and also work well for elderly or disabled artists.

Expert Commentary

“The outlet of painting has proven benefits beyond motor skill development and gives kids the ability to communicate without using words. Take extra care to prepare the place you plan to paint, as well as the clothes all parties are wearing. Showing examples of art before and after the firsthand painting experience can help with ideas and inspiration.”

Our Expert Consultant

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