Best Paintbrushes for Kids

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These brushes are made of synthetic hair and suitable to use with watercolor, acrylic and tempera paint. The four sizes allow for plenty of variety and can be used for any project. The soft grips are very helpful in making sure children learn to hold the brush properly, as well as stay comfortable while painting. These brushes are recommended for ages 3 and up.

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These brushes are made of a variety of materials for a range of uses. Brushes have nylon, sponge, bristle or camel hair ends in multiple sizes and plastic or wooden handles, making these brushes appealing to your child’s eye as well as versatile in their use. Any type of medium can be used on these brushes and they are great for school projects or crafts.

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You won’t have to worry about bristles shedding with these brushes, and the handles are durable and hold up well with frequent use. The flat brushes have a wooden handle, the round brushes have a plastic handle, and all are textured to ensure they don’t slide around. The bristles are more filled out compared to similar products on the market and will maintain their shape even with heavy use. In addition, the bristles won’t stain when dipped in various colors.

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This Jumbo Paint Brush Set allows children to have a high level of precision with each art piece they create. The set includes four short, lightweight and colorful paintbrushes that are easy to clean. These are high-quality brushes that are durable and won’t fray, shed or stain easily. The nylon fiber bristles pick up paint well and deliver optimal coverage. This set is designed for kids ages 2 to 4.

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With four different brush sizes to choose from, children ages 3 to 10 will be able to experiment with different types of artwork. Whether they want full coverage or precise lines, the sizing options make it easy to control the final result. Each larger-sized brush handle is easy to grip and comes in a vibrant color shade with a metallic effect. The brushes show the true color of each paint shade due to the white synthetic bristles. Paint washes off the brushes easily without requiring you to scrub. The bristles are stiff, secure and distribute paint well onto canvas or paper.

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Use this set to prevent spills and messes. Easily pour paint into each cup thanks to its dual lid. Then snap on the air-tight lid to keep the paint fresh between uses. Paint will no longer be wasted when kids are done with an art project. The brightly colored lids make it easy to see which shade of paint each cup contains. The bristle brushes have a thin, color-coordinated handle that is easy for kids between the ages of 18 months and 3 years old to grip.

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This set features lightweight paintbrushes that are easy for children to grip. The bristles are also easy to clean. The paint palettes include 10 wells and one central reservoir, which painters can use to separate or mix different pigments. Children can also hold the palettes easily due to their lightweight, sturdy design. The 10 different brush sizes give children more versatility when creating different types of paintings. The set is easy to use either in the classroom or at home. With the broad range of options here, we recommend this set for children over the age of 3.

Expert Commentary

“After observing a variety of ages handle paintbrushes, I would consider where your child lies on the developmental continuum prior to selecting a paintbrush set. Most younger children do well with large brushes, and many younger children will be rougher with a paintbrush than we would like. All of the brush sets in this article are durable and great for younger children.”