Best Noise-Safe Headphones for Kids

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These Mpow headphones offer great sound clarity and have a convenient volume-control switch that protects kids’ ears by limiting the volume to 94 decibels. The Happy Sharing plug allows the headphones to connect to two devices at once. The adjustable headband ensures a comfortable fit.

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These headphones from Snug automatically limit the volume of anything children listen to, ensuring that their ears are protected. Even with volume protection, the headphones offer premium sound quality, so everything comes through crisp and clear whether they are listening to a lesson or their favorite song. They are designed to hold up even if dropped or stuffed into a bag.

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It will never be a chore to get kids to wear their headphones with the cute designs available from CozyPhones kids headphones. These headphones fit like a headband, with a fabric band featuring an animal encircling the child’s head. Among the many options are a mystical unicorn, a ferocious lion and a sweet pink feline, as well as characters from Sesame Street. These are great for children who find using earbuds or bulky over-the-ear headphones a challenge. CozyPhones are volume-limited, so they will never be too loud for kids’ sensitive ears. Meanwhile, an extra-long cable gives little ones plenty of freedom. Recommended for children 3 years old and up.

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These headphones are easy to recognize at a glance. Each pair is brightly colored, with options ranging from bright green to super-stylish pink. They also deliver excellent volume-limited sound quality and are designed to be durable — standing up to being dropped or tossed around. Additionally, their fold-up design makes them easy for kids to take with them. Recommended for children 3 to 7.

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These headphones will delight any child because of the cute cat ears on top. Kids have several fun colors to choose from, and parents will love that they can easily adjust the volume, keeping their child safe from overly loud audio. These are exceptionally comfortable on-ear headphones as well, as they are made with food-safe silicone that gives them a soft feel. Additionally, their design keeps them from pinching or clamping down while a child is wearing them. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

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Children don’t have to listen to their music or audiobooks alone with these headphones, which have an input to connect an additional pair of headphones without the use of splitters. These headphones also feature plenty of padding as well as a lightweight design that makes them exceptionally comfortable for little ones. The range of color and design options, from cool blue to pink with a pastel unicorn, make it easy for each kid to pick the pair that’s perfect for them. Recommended for children ages 3 to 7.

Expert Commentary

“The noise-safe headphone is a new reality for some parents, and also a great tool for learning if used correctly. Monitoring and controlling what a child or student listens to can have a major positive impact on the role headphones have in a student’s life. We have also learned that careful storage and training around basic care can decrease the chance of lost and broken headphones.”



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