Best No-Stain Markers

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This set comes with an activity book and 10 dot markers. Each marker is labeled with a number, and the activity books have a color-by-number style that allows kids to match the number to the needed color. The dot markers are different from standard markers, which makes them a fun contrast. These markers are easy for toddlers to hold and won’t leak any ink.

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These RoseArt markers have a SuperTip that allows for both thick and thin lines. The colors are vibrant, and with 100 different colors to choose from, the artistic possibilities are endless. The ink is designed not to bleed through paper, and the pigment is long-lasting. The pull ‘n’ pop display packaging lets kids easily see the color they want and organize the markers however they please.

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These Crayola washable markers from the classic coloring brand offer a safe option for children. The markers are easy to clean up from most surfaces including skin, washable clothing and painted walls with just a little bit of soap and water. The markers have a wide pointed tip that makes them easy to use, allowing kids to color in large areas or draw finer details. The markers do not easily smudge and will not bleed through most paper.

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Madisi markers are a perfect option for the classroom, as they offer 24 markers in each of the 10 colors, ensuring there are enough for every child. This pack includes black, red, orange, pink, yellow, blue, green, violet, purple and brown, making it great for basic drawing and coloring needs. They are water-based and resist bleeding, making them a great option for any young child. Additionally, they are easy to clean off skin and most surfaces.

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The Mr. Sketch markers make coloring even more fun for kids, offering a matching fragrance for each color option. Examples include a watermelon-scented pink marker, banana-scented yellow marker and grape-scented purple marker. The tips of these markers are beveled, making them ideal for both coloring in large areas and drawing fine lines. The markers are easy to clean up and do not leave behind lingering stains.

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This Dab and Dot marker set offers children an option for coloring that is easy as well as fun. The sponge tip of the markers allows kids to quickly dab color onto the page, creating any design of their choosing. The markers themselves are easy to hold, making them great for little hands, and they have a simple twist-off cap. The sponge tips do not dry out easily nor will they leak. Washing out the marker ink is easy, even when it comes into contact with skin or fabric.

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These Sargent markers easily wash out of most fabrics and off of skin with just a little bit of soap and water. The 50 markers come in a range of vibrant hues, allowing children to create plenty of artistic masterpieces.

Expert Commentary

“What do all markers have in common? They are messy and will get on your kids’ clothes. These washable markers are fabulous as they do truly come out of fabrics and off your child’s skin. They are also advertised as safe and non-toxic so you can rest easy as your child draws and colors away. Make sure to choose different tip sizes to accommodate for finer lines for outlining vs. coloring.”



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