Best Multisensory Toys for 2 Year Olds

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Kaleidoscopes are wonderful toys for young children as the images produced by kaleidoscopes are always changing, presenting stunning visual patterns. The ends of these wooden binoculars distort the view and create cool patterns in the glass. Kids will love to use these again and again, as no two views are ever the same, which will stimulate their visual senses, creativity and sense of exploration. This kaleidoscope is recommended for kids 18 months old and older.

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This pack of sensory toys includes six unique balls of assorted shapes, sizes and colors, and four stacking cups. The bright colors stimulate toddlers’ visual senses while they physically explore the ridges, bumps, divots and soft textures of each ball. The stacking cups are great for exploring sizes and fitting objects together, as well as working on motor skills and gripping. The balls and cups are lightweight and durable. This toy is recommended for children 1 year old and older.

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This is a must-have toy for any active toddler. It includes 54 large pieces that make building easy for little hands and provide children with hours of play. The design engages several senses with colors, bristles and bumps. This is a great way to keep any 2 year old engaged until nap time. There are so many ways to manipulate these blocks that children will be sure to expand their imaginations during use.

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All parents know what a challenge it can be to travel in a car with a toddler. This board is designed to be held in a child’s lap, which makes it the perfect travel toy. It contains 10 bright, colorful activities to keep little ones engaged for the long haul. Children will have a blast with the zippers, snaps, shoestrings and more. It is a fun, interactive way to develop fine motor skills.

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This is a simple but still effective tool for building a variety of skills in young children. The hedgehog’s 12 quills are multicolored, and children can enjoy many different activities from counting them to sorting them and building patterns. The quills are just the right size for little hands, and fitting them into Spike’s body is a great way to build fine motor skills. When kids are done playing all the quills fit neatly inside the toy for easy storage.

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With this Coogam matching game, children learn plenty of valuable skills. Matching the colors of the beehive to the corresponding bees is a great way to introduce colors to little ones and begin building their color recognition and matching skills. Meanwhile, using the tweezers that come with the set to pick up and sort the bees encourages hand-eye coordination and overall fine motor skills.

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Stimulate your child’s senses when playing with this activity during bathtime. The characters are easy to catch, with magnets on the top, and the fishing rod clicks as you reel it in to make it seem like you are actually fishing. In addition, the toy promotes hand-eye coordination and will add a ton of fun to bathtime.

Expert Commentary

“I’d encourage all parents to get their children familiar with multisensory toys starting at age 2. This is the age where children can really connect their hands to their growing minds, and it’s imperative to get them experimenting and making connections between objects and how they feel, smell and look.”