Best Multi-Sensory Toys for 5-Year-Olds

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This is a great sensory toy that has a pleasing sound and feel. The silicone material is soft, and the bubbles give or a satisfactory popping sound that is nice on the ears. This is a fantastic way for children to relieve stress and regain their focus when they need some time to relax or fidget.

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This is a great toy for students and children who fidget and need something to keep them occupied and engaged. With a slinky-like design, the flow ring gently flows up and down your arm as you move. It can be used to perform fun “tricks” that are sure to wow children. This toy can be a great way to help students calm down and begin to concentrate again.

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Pop tubes are a great example of a simple toy that can target multiple senses at once. Children will love being able to stretch these tubes out, twirl them around and bunch them back up. They will also love the exciting popping sounds these tubes make. Each pack of tubes comes with six different colors. The tubes are durable and can hold up to plenty of play. Recommended for children ages 3 and up.

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These blocks from Battat are unique in that all the pieces are covered by plastic bristles. Not only do they provide kids with great tactile sensations, but they also connect easily, making them a frustration-free building option for beginners. The set contains many different types of pieces in a range of colors, allowing little ones to come up with a wide range of unique creations. The pieces are easy to clean up when it’s time to stop playing, as they can be rinsed off with a little soap and water. Building with these pieces promotes the development of fine motor skills and also helps encourage creative thinking in younger children. Recommended for kids ages 2 to 8.

Expert Commentary

“This is a very sensitive age for children as they are soaking up the world and engaging and learning at an accelerated pace. Take advantage of this precious time and provide multi-sensory toys to engage all your child’s senses. Let them touch, feel, see, hear and just soak in the wonders of the world through these toys.”