Best Mini Spiral Notebook

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This pack features eight 50-page notebooks in four different colors, making them great for color-coding notebooks to certain subjects. The pages are college ruled, allowing for plenty of space to write.

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This five-pack of mini spiral notebooks is great for dispersing pads of paper throughout the classroom or home. They are ideal for jotting down quick notes and tucking into a backpack, as they don’t take up much space. The pages are college ruled, helping to keep notes legible and organized.

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These six Five Star notebooks each come in a different color, making it easy to keep them organized. The paper in the notebooks is high quality and helps prevent ink bleeding through the pages. The sheets are also perforated, making them easy to tear out of the notebooks as needed.

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These Mead memo pads measure 5 by 3 inches, making them small enough to fit into your pocket for note-taking on the go. The cover is made with sturdy cardboard, so you can write in the notebook even if you can’t access a desk or a table. The paper is good quality and inks do not tend to bleed through.

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These Staples notebooks each contain 75 sheets of college-ruled paper, providing plenty of room for notes. The wire binding keeps the pages in place, but also makes it easy to tear pages out when needed. The entire notebook is made with a minimum of 30% post-consumer material, making this a more environmentally friendly option.

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These TWONE notebooks are made with durable kraft paper covers. This helps ensure they are able to stand up to plenty of wear and tear, no matter where you take them. The paper inside is rich, thick and able to take on various kinds of inks, markers and other writing utensils. They are small enough to be taken along wherever you need to go.

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These memo pads each include 60 sheets of quality college-ruled paper. They are spiral-bound at the top, and the binding is snag-free so it won’t catch on clothing or on items in your backpack or purse. The covers are reinforced, making them easier to write on.

Expert Commentary

Less is more, and these adorable, compact spiral notebooks are essentials you and your children should have for school, general notes and anything in between. With these mini notebooks, you will be prepared for whatever life throws at you. I also use them for checklists, daily reminders and grocery lists. Choose the variety and style that you like from the above.