Best Middle School Homeschool Supplies

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This poster is fully laminated and measures 17 by 22 inches. It has a helpful at-a-glance table of types of angles, such as acute, obtuse, adjacent or reflex angles, and even a guide on what an angle is and its parts.

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This workbook is designed to accompany and enhance Spanish curriculum. There is a large and detailed table of contents that showcases the wide range of topics, from expressions and grammar to greetings and conjugation.

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The Big Fat Notebook is an important part of middle school homeschool supplies that will help to make even the trickiest math problems seem like a piece of cake.

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This workbook teaches parts of speech, plurals, verb tenses, punctuation, possession, synonyms and antonyms and even homonyms and alphabetical order.

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With this workbook, students will research events, people and locations and must use critical thinking to work through the tasks to find the answers.

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We like that this middle school homeschool supply set comes with a storage pouch to keep items organized and also comes with extra lead for the included mechanical pencil.

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We like that with this workbook parents can use the book as a standalone teaching tool or as a supplemental option because it adheres to Common Core state standards.

Expert Commentary

Middle school is a pivotal period in a student’s life as they move from foundational to advanced learning in all subjects. The above supplies will help supplement your middle schooler as they become more well-rounded across all subjects from science to writing. Ensure you don’t close the door on any subject and supplement your child’s learning with the above supplies.