Best Memory Games for 5-Year-Olds

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The eeBoo Life on Earth Memory Matching Game for Kids benefits children by sharpening their recognition and memory skills. It also heightens their focus and enhances spatial memory. The cartoon graphics on each card feature bright colors that help keep players engaged. The rounded edges on the corners of each card prevent them from becoming frayed or bent. The set is durable and has more longevity compared to the thin cardboard often used in other memory games.

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With the Learning Journey: Match It! Memory Matching Game, kids can gain early reading skills. In order to play, children must pair uppercase letters with their lowercase matches. In addition to learning letter recognition and letter sounds, children will also learn social skills, like how to take turns, how to follow the rules and how to help others. The friendly design is attractive to young children and helps them improve their confidence as they tackle various literacy tasks. The tiles’ solid construction holds up well with frequent use.

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The Wonder Forge Disney Princess Matching Game is a simple, classic memory game. It develops critical thinking skills and improves preschoolers’ focus, memory and matching skills. The beautiful graphics depict Disney characters and include princesses like Snow White, Belle and Aurora. The pictures are easy for children to remember, but the game is still challenging thanks to the number of tiles used. The colorful graphics help children maintain their focus and the small tiles are easy to handle. A portion of the cards can be removed for younger kids who find the game too challenging.

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The Petit Collage Gone Fishing Memory Game features pieces made with sturdy cardboard, making it a durable choice. The distinct colors and patterns on each fun fish shape are great for helping to build visual recognition skills in young children. Meanwhile, parents and teachers can be confident in knowing this is a sustainable choice, as the set is made with recycled paper and environmentally-friendly inks. This is a great option for 5-year-olds, but children as young as 3 can join in on the fun.

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This fun matching game, which features various Dr. Seuss characters, e includes 72 tiles. Children turn the tiles face down and then turn two cards over as they attempt to find a pair. Kids get the chance to recognize their favorite characters while pairing up the cards. The game can be completed in about 15 minutes and the player who matches the most pairs wins. The cards are solid and won’t bend or tear easily. The bright colors and fun illustrations will appeal to preschool-aged children.

Expert Commentary

“Developing memory skills is incredibly important in every child’s development. While these games are great for five-year-olds, they can also be used with younger children. Plenty of fun can be had by all ages if you like, so stay flexible with who you involve.”



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