Best Mechanical Pencils

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These mechanical pencils are available in a pack of seven or 24 pencils. Each has two pieces of 0.7 millimeter lead ready to go. The plastic barrel is surprisingly durable and allows you to see how much lead is left. The metal clip is strong as well and the grip keeps your fingers comfortable and allows for more control while writing.

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These mechanical pencils are available in a pack of 12. They take 0.7 millimeter No. 2 lead that is easily dispensed with the side button and writes very smoothly. The jumbo eraser is long and a twisting mechanism makes sure there is always enough at the end of the pencil, although it is simple to replace as needed. These pencils have a rubber grip on the transparent barrel as well.

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Bic Xtra-Smooth mechanical pencils are a simple-to-use option, with lead that advances easily through the chamber. The lead itself writes smoothly and does not tend to leave any smudges on the page. This option offers fantastic value, with a pack of 40 being available at a fairly low price. Teachers, tutors and parents can easily get all the pencils they need for their classroom without breaking the bank.

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The Uni Kuru Toga Roulette mechanical pencil has as its key feature a core rotation mechanism. With this, the lead automatically turns as students write, which helps to keep the lead sharp. This makes writing smooth and keeps lines nice and crisp on the page. The metallic body of this mechanical pencil also helps make it a more durable option that won’t soon break at the bottom of a student’s book bag.

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The Pentel GraphGear mechanical pencil is a stylish option with a black body and silver grip. The textured grip makes for a comfortable writing or drawing experience, even for those with little hands, while the fixed 4mm sleeve for the tip makes it ideal for use with rulers and templates. Various lead sizes are available ranging from 0.3mm to 0.9mm, depending on an individual’s needs. It also features weighting to make it more balanced and to allow for even more precision work.

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The rOtring mechanical pencil has many notable features, among them a hexagonal shape that ensures it does not roll away. A fixed metal sleeve for lead guidance helps to keep the lead from breaking. Finally, a lead advancement mechanism helps keep writing smooth.

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The Arteza HB mechanical pencil pack helps to ensure you never run out of what you need as it contains 16 pencils, plus plenty of extra erasers and lead. The design of the pencil makes it easy to add additional lead or to put in a new eraser whenever necessary. The pencils themselves have a wonderfully elegant appearance.
Expert: Melissa Spurling

Expert Commentary

“Mechanical pencils are wonderful — you get the benefits of a pen and pencil in one, and these are the highest quality options on the market. There is a range from classic BiCs to the more expensive brands, depending on your preference such as comfort and fit. For the little ones with smaller hands, mechanical pencils may still be hard to use, so I would start with smaller wooden pencils and then graduate them up to mechanical.”



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