Best Mechanical Pencils

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This 24-pack of mechanical pencils won’t disappoint. Each pencil has a clear body so you can monitor the amount of lead remaining, a latex-free grip for control and comfort, and a metal clip. These pencils use standard 0.7mm lead and the tips are fully retractable.

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These two mechanical pencils have protective tips to stabilize the lead, comfortable grips and a twist-up eraser that won’t smudge the lead. These pencils are easy and comfortable to use and they come with extra eraser refills.

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The Mr. Pen mechanical pencils feature a non-slip grip that makes for comfortable writing. The set is designed to last, with extra lead for each pencil as well as replacement erasers and a durable overall pencil construction. The 2mm pencil even includes a built-in lead sharpener. The color-coding of the lead refills makes it easy to tell which refill belongs with which pencil.

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This set of Scentco pencils is a good choice for helping kids stay focused on schoolwork and may be an option to use as a reward for completing work successfully. Each pencil’s pattern corresponds with its unique scent — watermelon, cherry, pineapple, donut and ice cream — which should last for up to two years. The soft grip makes the pencils comfortable to hold for any sized hands.

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BIC Xtra-Sparkle mechanical pencils come in packs of 24, making them perfect for supplying classrooms on a budget. The different sparkling colors available in each pack allow children to find their favorite or enjoy different options as they practice their spelling or take their next math quiz. These pencils write especially smoothly and do not smudge.

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The Paper Mate Clearpoint mechanical pencil set is great for anyone seeking a writing tool or two that will last for a while. The kit comes with two pencils along with extra erasers and additional lead so you never have to worry about running out of what you need. The advance button moves the tip forward with a simple click and the eraser twists up whenever you begin to run low. This option is recommended for anybody over the age of 3.

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With colorful barrels that are sure to please, these mechanical pencils have a simple construction that lasts. The included lead is designed to resist breaks and is smudge-proof, so these pencils are a good option if your child or students are heavy writers. The simpler construction makes it easy to add a pencil grip if desired.

Expert Commentary

“These mechanical pencils are very useful for those who don’t want to deal with the messiness of wooden pencils but want the option to erase, which pens don’t typically allow. These pencils work great for sketching and writing, and I especially love the options with comfort grips.”