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This set has six little honeypots and 72 bears in six colors that kids can play with to sort by color. Each bear also has a unique shape on its belly, so kids can sort bears by shape as well. This toy is great for reinforcing color and shape recognition, motor skills, critical thinking and counting. The set also includes dice that can tell the kids how to sort, turning it into a game. This toy is recommended for kids 3 and up.

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This toy is a great product for strengthening your child’s fine motor skills, problem-solving and hand-eye coordination. Each colored dinosaur is in two pieces — kids will have to match the correct parts together, reinforcing their color and shape recognition, parts-to-whole relationships, matching and motor planning. This toy includes 18 pieces that create nine brightly colored dinosaurs. This toy was designed for kids 2 and older.

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Kids not only learn their colors with this toy but can also begin to recognize basic shapes while handling the pieces. Learning how to accurately place items on the correct peg on the stack-and-sort board can improve hand-eye coordination. Children can also count and categorize the 15 shapes. The vibrant colors attract little ones and keep them engaged for long periods of time. This toy is designed for kids ages 2 to 4.

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Children aged 18 months and up can develop a number of new skills — such as counting and matching — while playing with this toy. The eggs break apart into two halves, each of which reveals a colored shape that can be fitted into its coordinating piece and then put back into the carton. The eggs are easy to take apart and snap together to promote independent play without too much adult assistance needed. Physically handling them also promotes hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

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These Montessori materials work well for teaching color recognition, hand-eye coordination, and fine and gross motor skills. Made for children ages 2 and up, this set allows kids to practice using tongs to place specific bears into the designated cup. Kids can learn how to sort, organize and stack the cups while getting an introduction to basic skills used in math, such as counting and recognizing patterns and sequences. This versatile set offers hours of continuous play as children role-play, do cup tricks and use their imaginations. The cups are stored in a handy container to keep them organized.

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This art toy includes playful pegboard pictures that kids can complete by inserting buttons into the appropriate holes. The activity offers unique puzzle elements and also helps to develop fine motor skills. Kids ages 3 and up can develop more confidence and feel accomplished each time they complete one of 12 cute, colorful pictures of animals and common objects. All materials are made from quality premium plastic with smooth edges to make them safe for small children to handle.

Expert Commentary

“Learning starts by association. Children start recognizing patterns by associating words with objects around them. These simple, colorful toys help stimulate children’s minds and hands. They will hardly notice these are educational toys.”



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