Best Markers for Older Children

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Students will love coloring with these scented markers. There are 22 colors, each with a unique scent, from fruit punch to grape to root beer. The markers have sturdy chisel tips that allow students to make fine lines and bold strokes, and the marker body is larger in diameter, making these perfect for younger students, too. These are recommended for use by children 3 and older.

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Dual-tip markers, like these, are perfect for writing notes, adding small details to an art project, practicing calligraphy or basic coloring. The set includes 24 markers that have water-based ink, which has great pigmentation and can be blended. With a wide array of colors and both fineliner and brush tips attached to each, young artists can use these markers for practically anything.

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Create the most colorful art around with this expansive marker set. The markers are housed in a pull-and-pop display box, which makes it easy to choose the right color. Children will enjoy designing their own masterpieces with this large assortment of vibrant and long-lasting color options. These non-toxic, washable markers work well for children ages 3 and up.

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The design of these markers allows grade-school students to practice more advanced drawing and coloring techniques. The markers are double-tipped, featuring one broad tip for thicker lines and one fine tip for precision. The markers are also fast-drying to help prevent smudging and bleeding. The sophisticated carrying bag will stand when opened, making it easy to select the appropriate color.

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Crayola Signature’s 16 dual-tip markers have a total of 32 complementary colors with an ingenious brush-tip design that creates artistic results. Thin tips allow for fine detailing. These markers can be used for practice in hand lettering or calligraphy as well as coloring and sketching. This professional set comes in a decorative tin that will inspire anyone in creating a work of art, making it a great gift for children ages 9 and up.

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These safe, non-toxic markers feature vivid, washable colors that don’t bleed. The Super Tips, known as one of the smoothest marker tips on the market, can be used for thick or fine lines, depending on the angle at which the markers are tilted. Size and washability, plus the inclusion of 12 scented markers, make this set a great choice for families with younger kids ages 3 and up.

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This two-pack marker set is indispensable for any art toolbox. The Crayola brand has long been a go-to for artwork, drawings and writing. The markers produce beautiful colors and are durable and long-lasting. When finer details are required, these are the tools for the job. This set has basic assorted colors that can be used for a variety of projects and is recommended for early grade-schoolers and up.

Expert Commentary

“Markers are a favorite among children of all ages. As children master the fine-motor ‘pincher’ grip and exhibit greater self-control, we recommend advancing children to the richness of color only found in a marker. Varying a child’s tools to create art is important, and I’ve found it’s helpful to rotate between paints, crayons, pencils, markers and more.”