Best Manual Pencil Sharpener

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Rough sharpening can lead to an uneven tip, but this pencil sharpener is super smooth and very quiet — perfect for classrooms, even during test-taking time.

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This pencil sharpener has holes for standard and jumbo pencils and can effectively sharpen colored pencils as well. It is made of durable plastic and the bottom compartment is easy to detach to remove shavings.

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The internal blade is designed to last 33 times longer than the competition. And the heavy-duty construction and metal base make it perfect for constant use in a classroom.

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Some sharpeners are known for chewing through pencils. But this one from Bostitch has a tip saver that prevents over-sharpening. This sharpener can be mounted, too.

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The screw-cap lid keeps shavings contained and protects little fingers from coming into contact with a sharp blade. Plus, the small size makes it perfect for pencil boxes.

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The slim design of this pencil sharpener is ideal for art kits. It also boasts a translucent body so that you know when it’s time to empty the pencil shavings.

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This sharpener auto-feeds pencils but also automatically stops when you’ve reached a perfect point. Shavings are kept in the clear bin, which is easy to empty and replace.

Expert Commentary

I actually prefer manual pencil sharpeners over electric. I don’t need to worry about outlets or being near a power source; I can simply use my hands to turn the wheel and sharpen! The options above range in size, design and functionality. If you’re on the go and need a transportable option that you can throw into a backpack or purse, choose the compact, portable versions. If you are using this in a home or classroom setting, choose the larger, more robust version. You may need both designs so that you can always have a sharp pencil regardless of where you are!