Best Magnetic Mesh Locker Baskets

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This divided basket is perfect for separating and organizing items. It allows for enough space to reduce clutter without being too bulky. One side easily stores pens and pencils, while the other houses other necessities that are needed at arm’s reach. It has six strong magnets so it won’t slide down locker walls.

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Each basket in this set of two measures 6.3 by 3.5 by 2.3 inches. There is plenty of space to hold a variety of supplies, from pens and pencils to even sunglasses and sticky notes. The large, open size makes it easy to fit whatever you want inside, instead of using small compartments that may be specifically designed for certain items. Each basket has six magnets on the back so it sticks securely to the inside of a locker.

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These Arteza Mesh Magnetic Basket Organizers feature strong magnets that help them stay in place and ensure a strong grip. They have a sleek mesh that is durable as well as lightweight, and lets you see what is inside the basket. There is no assembly required; simply place the baskets where you want them, whether inside a locker, on a refrigerator or on any other metal surface.

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This Workablez magnetic pencil holder set of two includes a pair of magnetic mesh baskets designed to fit neatly onto a surface such as a whiteboard or locker wall. The baskets work perfectly as caddies for organizing dry erase markers, pens, push pins or other items, helping to keep things neat and tidy in the classroom, office or lockers. At 6.3 by 3.5 by 2.3 inches, these baskets are deeper than others on this list, ensuring that they offer room for plenty of supplies.

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The Eden Bazaar Large Magnetic Pencil and Pen Holder includes three convenient compartments that help to keep everything organized. It has nine powerful magnets that hold it in place in a locker, on a whiteboard or any magnetic surface. The premium metal mesh gives it a durable and sturdy design that helps it withstand plenty of use while still keeping it lightweight. Included with the basket are six magnetic push pins that can be used to hold notes, accessories and other items.

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The SAMstore Mesh Magnetic Storage Basket is a fantastic option capable of holding plenty of weight without slipping. It comes in a pack of three, making this set perfect for outfitting a classroom and enhancing organizational capabilities. Each basket carries up to 19.4 ounces and can be filled with pens, dry erase markers, small notepads and much more. The black mesh baskets are sturdy, lightweight and have an attractive design.

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This Workablez Magnetic Locker Organizer Set of Three is a great way to keep everything neat and organized. This caddy for pens, dry erase markers and any other items you need to keep stored in your locker or on your whiteboard uses extra-powerful magnets that will keep everything held in place. The black mesh baskets are sturdy and lightweight, each measuring 6 by 2.5 by 2.5 inches.

Expert Commentary

“Loose pens, pencils and markers are hard to keep organized. These mesh baskets and organizers are the most durable and functional items to have around for parents, teachers and kids. These are essential to any classroom and household, with or without children.”