Best Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar

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The smaller organizer is especially helpful for listing chores around the home or classroom events and tests, as it can be divided into days of the week. It has space on the side for more notes, as does the monthly calendar at the top and bottom. Each square on the calendar measures about 1.5 inches by 2 inches, which is good for just a few quick notes about events and scheduling.

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This magnetic calendar boasts a 5 magnetic backing on the entire calendar. The calendar is simple, allowing you to personalize or organize it however you like. It measures 16.9 inches by 11.8 inches, and the calendar squares are about 2.3 inches by 1.5 inches. Thanks to its quality dry erase surface, dry erase markers won’t ghost, stain or leave any marks behind.

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The Mommy Marvel calendar’s entire backing is magnetic so it sticks to a refrigerator or metal filing cabinet without slipping or falling. The six markers that come with the set have magnetic eraser caps so they can stick to the board and be used to erase messages. The board erases cleanly without leaving any staining or marks behind.

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This calendar’s fine tip markers are low-odor and will wipe easily off the board, leaving behind no streaks or smears. The calendar comes flat-packed with a corrugated sheet so it doesn’t have any creases. Its non-slip magnetic backing is strong and will stay firmly in place.

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The board’s surface is made to resist stains, ensuring it wipes away cleanly every time. The bottom of the calendar includes several lines for taking notes and keeping track of other reminders, while the included to-do list helps with organizing a weeks’ worth of classroom reminders and other tasks. Its size ensures it is able to fit neatly on any metal filing cabinet, desk or refrigerator.

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The planOvation calendar is a simple, elegantly designed dry erase calendar that easily attaches to a filing cabinet, desk or refrigerator with its magnetic backing. Its laminated surface ensures it erases cleanly every time when used with the appropriate dry-erase markers. While still offering a lot of space, it is not as bulky as some other options.

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The Cinch! calendar comes with four magnetic markers in purple, red, blue and black that offer saturated and vibrant writing with an ultra-fine tip. The calendar has a strong backing and sticks well to magnetic surfaces. The calendar also offers additional space for note-taking.

Expert Commentary

Magnetic dry erase boards are a must-have for any classroom or family but especially a busy family like mine! Since it is magnetic it can hang on the fridge for all to see instead of our old wall calendar that was hidden in the pantry. You can color-coordinate so each family member can see what they have going on. No more flipping pages, just erase and start a new month!