Best Magnetic Building Sets for Kids

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Children will love to explore making objects with these tiles. They’re made of colorful, transparent plastic and have strong magnets inside all of the edges, allowing them to “stick” together any which way. There are 100 tiles in assorted shapes: small and large squares or isosceles, right and equilateral triangles. This toy is designed for anyone 3 and up. Young children will become familiar with 2-D geometric shapes and magnetic properties as they enhance their creativity, hand-eye coordination and spatial reasoning skills.

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This set includes 120 magnetic sticks and 40 steel balls. Because the magnets are strong, they can be used in any way to construct 3-D buildings or simple 2-D shapes. The sticks are brightly colored and designed to be durable for engaging and long-lasting play. This is a fantastic toy that stimulates spatial thinking and awareness, hand-eye coordination and creativity, and allows children to become familiar with colors and geometric shapes in 2-D and 3-D forms. It’s recommended for ages 6 and older.

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This set of colorful magnetic tiles comes with 120 pieces, which includes 24 small triangles, 44 large squares and even two car bases so kids can make their own vehicles. These tiles are easy to construct with and are compatible with other brands of magnetic building sets. The bright colors help children acquire a better sense of color as well as color matching. This option is recommended for children ages 3 and up.

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With this 100-piece set, children learn numerous concepts from color matching to 2D and 3D geometric shapes. In addition, they learn about counting, magnetic polarities and architectural design. The translucent tiles can be used with a lightbox or panel for added visual appeal. Because the panels are a larger size, they are great for smaller hands and help children develop their fine motor skills. This option is recommended for children ages 3 and older.

Expert Commentary

“These magnet building sets help children understand the power of magnetism, while also engaging their minds in a creative space where they can design and build almost anything. In my experience, connecting the play with learning concepts around magnets is a way to maximize the educational aspects of these toys.”



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