Best Magnet Kits for Kids

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This basic set for ages 8 and older includes 16 pieces used in multiple experiments. The instruction manual can be downloaded as a PDF, so you can take this set wherever your child wants to learn. This set helps kids develop observational skills, enhance their science learning and knowledge, and learn to ask questions about the world around them. With many real-life applications, this kit gives kids engaging and stimulating ways to learn about magnets and physics.

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With 33 games and experiments, this kit can keep kids busy for hours exploring the science behind magnets. The kit has a wide variety of magnets and components that will keep even the most fidgety kids engaged. Kids will be fascinated to learn about the invisible forces of magnetism as they explore how magnets float on top of each other and move iron fillings enclosed in a see-through box. This kit’s instruction manual features color images and easy-to-follow directions that are suitable for all types of learners. It’s recommended for kids 8 and older.

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Children can enhance their learning experience and explore new concepts as they add new words to their vocabulary with this magnet lab kit, which can be used in conjunction with science projects to conduct various types of experiments. The magnetic chips are colorful and transparent, making them ideal to use with a projector, while the larger items are easy to grasp. A sturdy storage box is included, making it convenient to store all the pieces and avoid losing anything. Guide cards are also included to aid in learning.

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Children will learn the power of magnets as they use the tools to move a train, create a compass and even float magnets without touching them with this science kit, which supports STEM learning and features a colorful, fact-filled lab guide with various activities. The guide includes facts and STEM lessons to help kids learn new concepts and expand their critical thinking skills. Made for children ages 8 and up, this kit offers hours of entertainment in a home or school laboratory. The complete kit includes magnetic wands, a ruler, string, toy cars, disc magnets and more.

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This colorful kit includes a giant horseshoe magnet with an ergonomic design that is easy to hold. Designed for kids ages 4 and up, the kit lets children play with marbles and chips that stick to the large magnet. Wrapped in smooth steel, the chips are durable and easy to grasp. With each experiment, children will improve their hand-eye coordination and develop more confidence.

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Multiple pieces are included in this kit to ensure hours of entertainment with various experiments. The 24-page instruction booklet with colorful images makes the experiments easy for children to follow. Kids will learn how to make a compass and investigate their environment with magnets. One of the main pieces of the kit is a large horseshoe magnet that has a strong force and is easy for small children to lift. It can also be used to attract magnetic chips, which hold up well with frequent use. The kit teaches kids about each magnet’s strength, capability and utility. The included carry case has a convenient handle for easy transport. This kit is ideal for ages 8 and older.

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A wide range of educational subjects are covered with this science kit. Recommended for children ages 8 and up, the kit contains interactive magnetic objects such as wands and horseshoes. Kids can tackle a variety of challenges, like learning how to build a compass and a “super magnet” racer. The kit allows children to quickly grasp the concept of how magnets work and the invisible power they carry. The 10 experiments and games provide hours of fun in the classroom or at home. Pieces are coated in durable, hard plastic and are built to last. Children can even create their own objects, using their creativity and imagination.

Expert Commentary

“Watching my 7-year-old experiment with magnets is extremely rewarding. We have the opportunity to discuss scientific principles, form hypotheses and conduct real experiments. I recommend purchasing a kit that can grow with your child. Do not be discouraged if your child is not able to stay focused throughout an entire module — simply put it away and circle back to it when they’re older.”



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