Best Locker Organizers

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This is a simple black collapsible locker shelf. Since it is collapsible, it is easy to store when not in use. It can be stacked with other locker shelves to create a larger organization system. It requires no assembly — just unfolding — and is durable enough to last all year. It has a 10-pound weight capacity, which should be plenty of support for school supplies.

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This set includes a locker shelf, magnetic pencil holder, mirror, magnets and a whiteboard with dry erase marker. Keep binders and books organized on the shelf, pens and pencils always within reach, and notes and reminders easy to jot down. The six magnets are perfect for hanging pictures or assignments inside the locker. This set is available in dusty pink and silver.

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The LockerWorks 2-Shelf Adjustable Hanging Organizer is the perfect fit for any large locker. This item is made of a durable polyester mesh and is supported by two rigid hooks that help to keep everything in place. The open back lets kids place large books and binders into the organizer. Meanwhile, the entire organizer adjusts from 23 to 25 inches in height so it can fit a range of locker sizes. Additional side pockets also make it easy to store away smaller items such as pens and pencils.

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The It’s Academic Lockermate Stac-A-Shelf locker organizer offers a wire, stackable option perfect for those seeking a sturdy and reliable organizer. It fits any standard locker at 12 inches tall, and it is possible to add more shelves if necessary. This locker shelf is easy to assemble, and the extra-tall height of the shelf allows for storage space beneath as well as above the shelf. The metal shelf is sturdy even under the weight of several books and binders.

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The Moditty Hanging Locker Organizer is an easy-to-install option, made from a durable polyester mesh with strong wooden shelves and sturdy metal hooks to keep it all in place. Converting the entire locker organizer from its full three-shelf size to two shelves is a simple process that helps it fit into smaller lockers. Meanwhile, the entire organizer comes with a fabric backing to help keep items from falling out of place.

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The Tools for School Locker Shelf is a sturdy shelf that can be used for a variety of locker sizes. Adjust the height and width easily and use the magnets to increase the stability in metal lockers. The shelves stack on one another, so it’s easy to organize a half- or full-size locker or even multiple lockers when purchasing multiple shelves. The different color options make it easy to choose a color that your child will like for all their locker-organizing needs.

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This LusyNY Magnetic Pencil Holder is the perfect option for those who just need a little bit of extra organization in their locker or any other space. Its mesh basket holds onto any metal surface securely with nine powerful built-in magnets, which means that no assembly is required. It includes three cups for easy organization of pens, pencils, dry erase markers, scissors and other small items as needed. This is a great way to help reduce clutter in a smaller space.

Expert Commentary

“As a mom of three, there is so much stuff that accumulates everywhere that it’s hard to keep tidy. These organizers, shelving units and creative solutions have been a lifesaver. They are functional, durable and look great. I can never get enough help organizing, and these are all a must around my house!”