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Best Locker Organizer

Black metal storage wire basket with bronze color handles with books

When students keep their lockers organized, they’re able to find their things faster, which helps them get to class faster,and ensures they always have access to the materials they need. A locker organizer can play a big role in this effort. We’ve put together a list of locker organizers that are easy to install and feature a number of organizational tools.

The Tools for School Locker Shelf is a stable shelving choice, as it features magnets that allow it to attach to the sides of metal lockers and other metal units. It is quick and easy to install, usually taking only a couple of minutes to set up. Each unit is stackable, allowing students to have multiple shelves. The color options of black, magenta and blue offer plenty of customization.

The Abra Company Three Shelf Hanging Locker Organizer, in addition to offering three slotted shelves, also features mesh pockets on the sides for more storage space. These pockets offer storage for scissors, pens, pencils, calculators and other small items. The shelf inserts of this organizer are removable, so the entire organizer can be tossed in a washing machine for cleaning.

This Workablez Magnetic Locker Organizer Set comes with strong mesh baskets that can hold up to plenty of use. Each basket comes with an assortment of magnets to help keep them secured in place. The magnets are fairly strong, which keeps them from slipping.

These SAMstore Mesh Magnetic Storage Baskets not only come with powerful magnets but also feature anti-slip protection. This helps keep them from sliding down a locker, whiteboard or refrigerator. The magnets are a good organization option for slightly larger or heavier items such as scissors or art tools. They are easy to move and readjust as needed.

The Lockershelf Company 12-Inch Locker Shelf is an easy-to-install solution that just needs to be slotted into place inside a locker. The hard plastic of the unit makes it a durable solution that holds up well to plenty of use over time. It can be used year after year with no warping and little to no damage. This unit is made specifically for lockers that are 12 inches wide, though the company also offers options for 9-inch and 15-inch lockers.

Expert Commentary

Parents often forget about how their kids “organize” their lockers at school (out of sight, out of mind!). These handy locker organizers are simple yet significant solutions to help your child keep organized. Choose the best size and material that works for them. These options are all useful and durable.

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