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Best Liquid Chalk Markers for Kids

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Kids love chalk, but it can be messy. Liquid chalk markers are a fun alternative. These fun writing tools create consistent lines with bold color payoff. Best of all, they’re usually made from washable pigments that dry quickly and can be easily wiped off of writing surfaces with water. We’ve picked out our favorites of these low-mess liquid chalk markers.

Because of the smaller diameter, we think these kids’ liquid chalk markers are best for children elementary-aged or older.

We like that these liquid chalk markers come with both a chisel and fine tip. You’ll get bold neon colors as well as a white marker.

You’ll like that this liquid chalk marker set comes with three replacement tips, 24 chalkboard labels and changing tweezers that make removing the tips easy to do.

You’ll love that this kids’ liquid chalk marker set comes with reversible tips, giving you the freedom to choose between bold and chisel tips to create thick or thin lines.

These liquid chalk markers can be used on a variety of non-porous surfaces. They’re also odor- and dust-free.

Expert Commentary

Liquid chalk markers can be used to draw on any non-porous surface, including slippery ones, allowing kids the freedom to explore their full artistic potential and making for a super-easy clean-up afterward. Compared to regular chalk sticks, these markers are dust- and odor-free, which make these perfect for kids since young ones are more prone to developing allergies to such fine articles. There is a wide variety of colors available in these sets with rich color pigmentation, providing kids with a good color range to work with and resulting in remarkable artworks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can liquid chalk markers be used as learning tools?

When students have fun in the classroom, learning can feel more natural. Making education comfortable for kids can play a big role in their success throughout their learning journey. Using fun tools in the classroom, like liquid chalk markers, can help bridge the gap for kids who have trouble fully engaging with their lessons.

Liquid chalk markers can add a fun twist to many school subjects, grabbing the attention of kids with their vibrant colors. Liquid chalk markers can be used to teach kids all sorts of fundamental skills, from coloring to drawing. They offer a new way for kids to play with basic subjects in school in a way that feels fresh and interesting.

How can liquid chalk markers help teachers in the classroom?

Keeping students excited to learn can be hard from time to time. This presents a unique challenge for teachers as they sort out their curriculum. Teachers can use liquid chalk markers to help grab the attention of their students. By using liquid chalk markers to teach, teachers can boost the classroom environment with a touch of whimsy and excitement.

Teachers using liquid chalk markers to help students engage can benefit from the added interest that these markers bring to the lessons. On top of that, liquid chalk markers tend to make cleanup easy, cutting down on the time spent wiping off desks. With liquid chalk markers, teachers can make engagement easy without making a mess of the classroom.

Buying Guide

Liquid chalk markers have a lot to offer to students and teachers alike. Being as useful as they are, there are a lot of different options to check out, and the number of options can be a little daunting for anyone trying to pick the best. To narrow your search, keep in mind how each option serves students in and out of the classroom.

Liquid chalk markers come in so many shapes and sizes, all with their own unique benefits. Look closely into each option and its unique traits, assessing how it could help students in their educational pursuits. Some of them have fine tips that give students precise control of their lines and shapes, making them a good fit for arts and crafts. Other options have broad tips that might be better for coloring or even learning to mix colors. By considering what each design does to make learning easier, you can match your lessons with the set of markers that suits it best.

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.