Best Lift-the-Flap books

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This simple yet interactive story is sure to get little ones engaged. The book is popular among children ages 1-3 and, at just 22 pages long, it’s a perfect read before bedtime. Throughout the story, kids can lift the flaps to see where Spot is hiding. The illustrations are cute and colorful, and the story will surely become a household favorite in no time.

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Simple as it may be, this lift-the-flap book is a delight for children. Each page features an opening through which children get a glimpse of what awaits them on the next page. “Peek-A Who?” reads one page, with a glimpse of a cute pair of eyes peering through the hole. The book continues with similar rhymes and illustrations, from “Peek-A-Boo,” which gives kids a glimpse of a cute, cartoonish ghost, all the way to “Peek-a-You,” which presents kids with a mirror. The simple rhymes and high contrast visuals make this a delight for babies and younger children. This option is perfect as a read-aloud for babies and toddlers.

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“Do Cows Meow?” It’s a simple question, and one that would probably elicit more than a few giggles from a child, but that’s the premise behind this fun and rewarding lift-the-flap book. Written by Salina Yoon, this book presents a variety of different animals, asking children what they know about the animals in question. Do horses run and play? Do frogs jump? After children get the chance to read along with the rhyming verse ending in “All I know is…,” they can lift the flap. That leads to a fun answer, such as “Cows go MOO!” The easy-to-read rhymes and interactive nature of the book make this a great introductory reader for little ones. This option is recommended for children 18 months and older.

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Children love animals, and many kids have imagined bringing home their very own pet from the zoo. In this book, a child writes to the zoo in hopes of getting their very own zoo animal as a pet. The animals in the book run the gamut from monkeys to lions and elephants. However, none of the animals that the zoo sends is just right. Children must keep reading and lifting the flaps to explore, discover and find out more about the animals in hopes of finding one that is just right. This charming and delightful tale uses simple language, adorable illustrations and plenty of interactivity to capture any child’s imagination. This book is recommended for children 1 to 4 years old.

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This four-pack of lift-the-flap books contains favorites including “Little Green Frog,” “Little Red Barn,” “Little Blue Boat” and “Little Yellow Bee.” These books will delight readers with their simple yet engaging stories. The books include colorful illustrations and stories featuring simple sentences that help to reinforce future language structure. In “Little Red Barn,” children use the lift-the-flap structure of the book to view life on the farm while learning animal names in the process. Meanwhile, in “Little Green Frog,” they follow along with the title character, getting to learn more about his life on the pond while also meeting some of his aquatic friends. “Little Yellow Bee” features a variety of garden characters, while “Little Blue Boat” brings children to the high seas. These books are wonderfully charming and help introduce kids to many different early subjects. This set is a great option for babies to 5-year-olds.

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“Open the Barn Door” is a great option for early learning, especially for children who love animals. The story itself is simple, taking kids through an ordinary day in the life of a farm. It includes 10 flaps for kids to open and manipulate as they explore along with the text. Additionally, the text itself is simple and easy for kids to read, especially as they mimic the fun animal sounds. The illustrations are beautiful, bright and colorful, helping to keep kids entertained and engaged. This is a good option for children ages 2 to 3 years old.

Expert Commentary

“There are a few types of toy products that mix durability, engagement and learning into one powerful and value-focused combination. Lift-the-flap books are one of these product categories. The interactive nature creates suspense and keeps the attention of even the youngest of children. Combined with the normal benefits of reading and enunciation, this is a great type of book to have in your collection.”