Best LED Illuminated Magnifying Glass

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This magnifying glass has bright LED lights and a large 4.5-inch-diameter viewing area of 2,5X magnification. The glass won’t distort the image or cause any glare, so you can read easily and comfortably anytime.

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This lightweight magnifying glass is made of durable plastic and operates on AAA batteries. The LED lights are super helpful for providing clear magnification over long periods of time even when lighting is dim.

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Another great feature of this LED illuminated magnifying glass is that the lenses are detachable and you can easily swap the 5X main lens for the 10X lens when you need more magnification.

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This LED illuminated magnifying glass is a great solution for sneaking in a bit of extra reading before bedtime. It runs on two AA batteries.

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This LED illuminated magnifying glass runs on three AAA batteries which aren’t included. But you do get three powerful LED lights that are all located in the handle.

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We like that this LED illuminated magnifying glass can be easily operated with the single push button on the handle to activate the lights. This pick requires three AAA batteries that aren’t included.

Expert Commentary

Magnifying glasses with built-in lights are super handy for any household so that you can see small fonts and magnify items that you need to. These are appropriate for both adults and children, and you can choose the child-sized glasses for smaller hands. Have one for your household or classroom so that you won’t ever miss another detail again!