Best Learn-to-Sew Toys, Books and Kits

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The materials that are included in this kit are high quality and can be used again and again. Everything your child needs to complete the crafts is included in the kit, which makes this craft kit extremely user-friendly.

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There are four projects in the kit and all of the pieces are pre-cut for convenience. This craft kit is suitable for ages 7 and up.

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Any child interested in learning to sew will love this kit. It contains 28 felt shapes, stuffing, fabric, embroidery floss, six buttons and a pom-pom strip. It also includes sewing tools such as measuring tape, scissors, needles, pins, a thimble and a pincushion. The materials are bright and colorful, which children are sure to love. Everything is child-sized to make it perfect for little hands, and it comes with clear and simple instructions. This is a great option for children ages 7 to 12.

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This book introduces children to sewing machines in a fun way. It contains clear, modern illustrations that are easy to understand. Kids will learn the basics of using a sewing machine, from threading the machine to measuring and using fabrics. The book offers plenty of fun and easy-to-follow projects — including tote bags, cushions and more — that kids will enjoy creating. Recommended for children ages 7 and older.

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With 35 projects to practice and master, kids will have many opportunities to improve their skills. The wide range of projects are divided by project types, such as clothes and accessories, bags and cases, things for your room and more. Each project comes with step-by-step artwork to help guide the child. This is especially helpful for visual learners. A great option for children over 7 years old.

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This book has plenty of projects that span a wide range of skill levels, making it great if you have multiple children or want a book a child can work with for a long time. The basic projects offered in the book include simple crafts such as greeting cards and Christmas tree decorations. These easy projects help children learn how to use a sewing machine. The more difficult projects are designed to help children gain more practice and confidence as their skills develop. The book has good-sized print with plenty of diagrams, and is filled with illustrations and fun designs like owls, peace signs and monsters. A great choice for kids ages 8 to 14.

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The Cool Maker Sew N’ Style Sewing Machine is a colorful, fun sewing machine designed to introduce kids to the basics. This is a great alternative to a full-sized sewing machine, which can be complex and intimidating for younger children. While it focuses on the essentials, it still gives kids everything they need. It comes with plenty of sewing materials and other items, such as glitter fabric, felt fabric, pre-cut fabric pieces, pop-out patterns, a bag of stuffing and more. An ideal option for children ages 6 and older.

Expert Commentary

“Sewing kits provide one of the rare outlets where a child can actually make their own toys and clothes. The sense of accomplishment and confidence for a young child can be exciting and may encourage them to start a life-long sewing hobby. Start very slowly and reward the child or student with encouragement no matter the quality of the early outcome.”



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