Best Learn to Code Games

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Coding might seem daunting, but this book is helpful to beginners and experts alike. This book teaches students to code in Lua, giving detailed instructions, helpful screenshots and explanations that will guide readers to success.

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This is a great long-term project for students who are ambitious and want to create their very own video game. Instead of looking at coding as a foreign language, this book looks at it as a method of problem-solving.

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Children will like that the learn-to-code games in this book make coding fun, thanks to the simple instructions and straightforward examples provided.

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With this learn-to-code game, kids will learn the core coding concepts. You’ll like that your children are able to simultaneously use the book and code thanks to the stand-up design.

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The learn-to-code games include classic picks like shooting asteroids, slicing fruit like a pro and shooting hoops. Kids will pick up key concepts about coding while having fun along the way.

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Learning how to build websites from scratch as well as create games and apps becomes easier with this learn-to-code game. Children will master the essentials of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

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We like that this learn-to-code game comes with troubleshooting tips to help children work through common stumbling blocks and master this popular coding language.

Expert Commentary

These coding books for designing games are an action-oriented, hands-on and fun way to get kids to apply their budding coding skills. These books were created with your child’s interest in mind and provide challenging and fun exercises to grow your child’s coding development. Some have more exercises than others, so choose the quantity and style you prefer.