Best Learn to Code Books for Kids

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With this guide, readers can learn how to create games, drawings and animations. Kids will learn basic functions that help build the skills needed to create more complex code.

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This book covers Logo, Scratch, HTML, Python and JavaScript in user-friendly directions. Readers can build their own websites, games and other projects with the help of an interactive guide.

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The Python learn-to-code book for kids breaks down this important language into easy-to-understand concepts and drives home the essentials for mastering this open-source code.

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While these three languages are older, this learn-to-code book for kids is still essential since many websites, apps and games rely on HTML, CSS and Javascript as core pillars of their backend.

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With this learn-to-code book for kids, your child will get to flex their coding skills while creating 10 games that will help them master Scratch with colorful illustrations and immersive activities.

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This learn-to-code book for kids uses practical analogies to drive home the basics of coding and teach problem-solving and reasoning skills your child will need to begin developing programs.

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The Official Scratch Jr. learn-to-code book for kids relies on gameplay and animation to help teach this starter coding language. Simple tasks like animating a cat and playing tag make coding fun.

Expert Commentary

For parents who notice that their children have budding technical interests, these are the perfect beginner coding books for your kids. They are easy to understand, fun and include beautiful illustrations. These are not only great for kids but for non-coding parents who want to keep up with what their kids are learning! These books vary in the types of exercises and level, so choose one or all to help stimulate your child’s mind.