Best Large Blocks for Kids

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These blocks will keep your children engaged and having fun for hours. In addition to being made of soft foam, the blocks are also waterproof and washable.

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The interlocking design of these building blocks allows for endless building design possibilities. Your child will develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills with this building block set.

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These versatile jumbo blocks have rounded edges and are great to use both inside and outdoors. Their clever design helps kids develop hand-eye coordination and enhances their gross motor skills. Children who are starting to learn how to put items together can engage their creativity with these oversized blocks by building chairs, small tables or towers — the possibilities are endless. They fit well when they’re connected and are lightweight, making them safe to use. The blocks come in five bright colors: red, green, yellow, orange and blue. They also come in two different shapes: square and rectangle. Recommended for kids ages 6 months and older.

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Kids can participate in constructive, imaginative play with these easy-assembly blocks. Made from premium, extra-thick cardboard in bright red, blue and yellow, they are extremely durable and hold up well to frequent use. They hold up to 150 pounds, allowing children to sit or lay on them. The bright, colorful graphics are one of their most notable features and can help spark creativity in kids. The surface is easy to wipe clean, which will ensure they maintain their appeal over time. Additionally, the blocks fold flat, making them convenient to transport or store when not in use. The set includes 40 blocks in three different sizes. A great option for children ages 2 to 5.

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Children will want less screen time thanks to the imaginative play these colorful building blocks offer. The blocks can be used to create a variety of items like trains, towers and cars. The assortment of colors available helps strengthen children’s color recognition skills, and also makes sorting the different pieces easier. All of the blocks are large and easy for small hands to grasp. The pieces connect and separate seamlessly. The plastic is robust and won’t crack under pressure. A sturdy, durable bag is included with the product for convenient cleanup and storage. A great choice for children ages 1 to 5.

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These blocks are perfect for small hands due to their large size, which makes them less likely to be lost or stepped on. Kids can enjoy learning how to build castles, characters and sky-high towers with these durable pieces. The blocks hold up well and don’t bend or crack easily when pressure is applied. They come in a reusable duffle bag for easy storage and transportation. With two nylon handles, the bag is easy and lightweight for children to carry, while the large zipper makes it easy to open and close without assistance from an adult. An ideal option for 1- to 5-year-olds.

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With these jumbo, colorful blocks, kids will be entertained for hours as they create everything from large walls to skyscrapers. Red, blue and green blocks are included in the set, with a realistic brick design featured on the exterior of each block. They weigh less than many other building blocks on the market, making them manageable for little ones. The blocks are easy to assemble and fold flat for convenient storage. The glossy surface wipes clean easily, even after outdoor use. The cardboard material is sturdy and won’t lose shape when stacked or when pressure is applied. Recommended for children ages 3 and up.

Expert Commentary

“My children find significant joy playing with blocks of all kinds and now as they get a bit older, with Legos, train sets and more. It all began with oversized block sets which are not only great for developing gross motor skills, but also for exercising imagination. Children love to turn these blocks into colorful trains, cars, houses and even petting zoos. Most of these sets also create a great opportunity to discuss differences in size and color.”



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