Best Language Arts Books for Fourth Graders

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This workbook has removable pages, so students can work on one activity at a time, and an answer key. All of the activities progress in difficulty, ensuring students master a skill before moving on to the next.

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With ample room to write and easy-to-follow activity pages, this book helps students transition from print writing to cursive, as well as improve their spelling skills.

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This 320-page language arts book for fourth graders focuses on prefixes and suffixes, word roots, synonyms and antonyms and so much more so kids can read fluently with understanding.

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We like that this language arts book for fourth graders provides daily activities to help students strengthen their grammar skills and master the art of written communication.

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With this language arts book for fourth graders, you’ll get 40 pages full of skill-building activities and assessments to help them master critical reading comprehension skills.

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With this language arts book for fourth graders, students will also master phonetic and spelling skills, other essential tools that are necessary for improved reading comprehension.

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The Spectrum language arts book for fourth graders is 144 pages long with guides that clearly define how to outline, research and work through writing workflows to create finished work.

Expert Commentary

Fourth grade is a time when students move beyond basic reading and writing to composing sentences, paragraphs and even essays in a more advanced fashion. These language books are the perfect supplement for your student looking for a boost in their writing and comprehension. They provide depth and breadth and will supplement their language curriculum on top of their everyday reading and writing.