Best Kid’s Scissors for Teachers

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These scissors feature a ruled edge on the stainless steel blades and large, rounded finger loops that allow both right- and left-handed students to control them with ease. They can be purchased in sets of three, six, 12 or 24 scissors, and all have red handles. Although they’re kids’ scissors, they are designed to easily cut through paper in order to avoid any accidents.

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These scissors have soft-touch handles that are ergonomically designed for easy and comfortable cutting. They have a blade with rounded tips and feature a ruler on the side of the blade for handy measuring. This pack includes a dozen scissors in each color: red, green and purple.

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Scotch 5-Inch Soft Touch Pointed Kid Scissors come in a box of 12, making them a great option for classrooms. The stainless-steel blades are designed with a pointed tip that allows them to cut with precision. The handles are comfortable to hold and can be used by both right- and left-handed children. These scissors are recommended for children ages 6 and older.

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Stanley Blunt Tip Kids Scissors are a great option for any classroom, with their blunt tips making them safe and kid-friendly. The scissors are five inches long, making them a great size for little hands. The plastic caddy that comes with the scissors offers terrific classroom storage, featuring both a carrying handle and four removable cups that make transporting and sharing the scissors easy. These kids’ scissors are recommended for children ages 4 and up.

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Westcott School Left and Right Handed Kids Scissors are perfect for those in need of scissors that will hold up to plenty of use. The blades are made of sturdy stainless steel. Each of the six pairs of scissors in the pack comes with a different colored handle including vibrant red, pink, yellow, green, blue and purple. The scissors are made to be comfortably used by both right- and left-handed children. These scissors are recommended for use by children ages 6 and older.

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These Blue Summit Supplies Kids Scissors are an attractive, colorful option perfect for any classroom. The 12 scissors in this pack feature durable stainless steel blades that are sharp enough to cut a variety of materials while also ensuring the safety of their young users. They feature a blunt tip that further enhances their safety, keeping children from hurting themselves or each other while cutting. The large loops of the handles help make them comfortable to use. These scissors are recommended for children in kindergarten and up.

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Fiskars Blunt-tip Kids Scissors are a terrific option for teachers on the go. The included caddy with its built-in handle makes it easy to take the scissors from room to room. Meanwhile, removable cups in the caddy allow you to divide the scissors among different groups of children during arts and crafts sessions. The 24 scissors in the pack feature blunt tips, making them safe for kids to use. The scissors come in four different colors and have comfortable handles that make them easy to hold onto. This option is recommended for children ages 4 and older.

Expert Commentary

“As any parent or teacher knows, scissors are a must in every household. Finding ones that are safe and small enough for kids is essential. These picks are the best scissors on the market and they come in bulk so you can have enough for your classroom or multiple at home. Some of them come with caddies so you can safely store them.”



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