Best Kids’ Abacus

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This abacus is a great choice for classrooms and homeschool use due to its small size — the abacus is perfect for use on a desk or tabletop and is easily stored away. Each row of beads features five red beads and five white beads that are easy to slide. With this abacus, you can teach kids multiple ways to count as well as help them visualize quantities.

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This no-frills abacus has numbers labeled across the top and 10 rows of colored beads. This basic choice is great for use at home for teaching basic counting and color recognition, as well as hand-eye coordination. An abacus like this is useful in teaching foundations of math and counting to young children.

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Learning is made easy with the Pidoko Kids 123 Learning Abacus Toy. The abacus is made of handcrafted, durable wood and features bright colors to foster sensory and visual relationships. Your toddler will love learning to count with this sturdy abacus, which will help with motor skills and coordination. This abacus is recommended for kids from 2 to 5 years of age.

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This abacus features a sturdy construction with an arch to push the beads over that is perfect for active counters. The wooden boards help you teach addition, subtraction and color-matching skills to your little ones. The abacus includes 55 colorful beads and two double-sided boards that are interchangeable so they can be used for different skill levels. This abacus is recommended for kids ages 2 to 6.

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This pick helps children ages 3 to 5 learn to count, and also offers eight extension activities to help them with early math and logical thinking skills. This abacus is made of high-quality wood and features a traditional square counting frame with 100 brightly colored beads.

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The Didax Educational Resources Slide Abacus is perfect as a hands-on tool to help with numbers without the use of place values. The construction of this plastic abacus is sturdy and the hands-on approach helps 6- to 8-year-olds visualize the numbers as well. Perfect for a homeschool setting, this abacus lies flat and is simple to use.

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The Learning Resources 2-Color Desktop Abacus features a red frame and is color-coded so children have a visual aid to help them learn. Featuring 10 rows of blue and yellow beads on a durable frame, it’s the perfect desktop abacus for kids who need a little extra reinforcement in math. The abacus is not too large, so storage is easy. The hands-on approach helps kids ages 5 to 8 with counting and fine motor skills as well.

Expert Commentary

“An abacus is a great way to fully engage kids’ minds in learning math skills. Many children who learn early math skills using an abacus find moving to new concepts much easier. It’s also a great way to boost confidence and get kids thinking about the relationships between numbers.”



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