Best Kid Scissors

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These simple kids’ scissors have an ergonomic grip design to keep small hands and fingers comfortable while cutting. Because they’re suitable for both right- and left-handed children, they are perfect for the classroom.

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These scissors come in a three-pack and each pair has rust-resistant steel blades. The scissors cut efficiently and protect against accidental injuries.

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We like that these kids’ scissors feature a comfort grip which makes using them easier. This is a 12-pack, which is perfect for stocking the classroom.

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This 12-pack of kids’ scissors comes in an assortment of four colors — blue, green, yellow and pink. These scissors are ideal for children aged 4 or older and best used to cut paper.

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The blunt tip makes these safe for use with children as young as 4. The stainless steel blades mean these kid scissors are designed to last.

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We like that these kid scissors are made for both right- and left-handed children to use them with ease. This three-pack comes with a paper cutting book to help train them to use the scissors.

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The blades on these kid scissors are made from stainless steel to be rust-resistant and to improve their overall durability. The soft comfort grip helps to prevent hand fatigue while using them.

Expert Commentary

Having proper scissors right-sized for children is important in every household and classroom. Do not allow children to use normal scissors, as this may risk injury. These scissors are perfect for children with smaller hands and allow a comfortable grip for every little hand to cut out items for their special projects.