Best Keyboards for Kids

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This keyboard has loads of features that will occupy kids for hours while they learn about music. The two speakers offer great sound quality, so kids can explore different sounds and instruments. There are different styles, tempos, tones and rhythms that teach kids the fundamentals of music as they play, whether alone or with an ensemble. They can even record what they play and listen to it back through the speakers, encouraging musical creativity, imagination and learning.

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The Yamaha 61-Key Portable Keyboard is a fantastic beginner option. It includes 100 preset songs to help children begin learning music basics. During the lessons, children listen to the melody, memorize it and play it back with the correct timing. The display helps children by showing the correct notes. The keys are full-sized, allowing children to begin developing good keyboard technique as they play. The keyboard can be used with headphones so children can continue to practice even when noise might be an issue.

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The RockJam 54-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard is a terrific option for aspiring young musicians. The interactive LCD screen not only lets children see information about the keys they’re using but also has a teaching functionality. The keyboard can be connected to an app on both Apple and Android devices for further learning assistance and content. The piano includes eight demo songs along with 100 sound effects and 100 rhythms for plenty of dynamic playing power.

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The Casio 32-Key Portable Keyboard is simple and small, making it easy for kids to take with them anywhere. This keyboard includes 100 timbres and 50 rhythms, giving children plenty of different ways to play. It also has the ability to switch between a piano and an organ sound depending on the player’s desired effect. Because the keys are smaller, it’s a great option for younger children just getting started on the keyboard.

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The Jinruche Kids Piano is a unique keyboard option with large keys that make it comfortable to play. The keyboard features eight different instrument sounds as well as eight musical rhythms, letting children come up with plenty of sound combinations as they play, learn and explore. Additionally, the keyboard comes with a songbook that allows them to learn classic songs.

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The eMedia My Piano Starter Pack is among the best options available for a child who truly wants to begin learning how to play the keyboard. It features 100 software-based lessons that increase in difficulty, allowing children to slowly build their skills over time. Additionally, the keyboard comes with a huge sound bank and has incredible sound quality. The song bank consists of 80 songs including many classics for children to learn.

Expert Commentary

“Whether you have a piano or not, keyboards are a great addition to any home. They are fun to make music on and also more portable than a classic piano. These keyboards range in features but all are tried and true selections — just choose the one best for you. All have vibrant sound.”



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