Best Index Cards

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The top-spiral binding of these index cards makes it easy to practice and review each card while keeping them all in one place. Additionally, all cards have perforation along the top, which allows you to tear them off if needed. There are 50 cards per pack and three packs per set, providing you with 150 ruled index cards that measure 4 inches by 6 inches. The lining on each card is clear and the bright white paper makes writing easily visible.

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At a budget-friendly price, these index cards are a great buy for almost any need: making lists, creating flashcards and more. The pack includes 100 completely blank white index cards, each measuring 3 inches by 5 inches.

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The AmazonBasics index cards are made of heavy commercial stock paper, which helps prevent pens and markers from bleeding through. This also makes them nice and stiff, which is great when they are being used as flashcards. They have precision-cut edges, making them identical in size and allowing them to stack together neatly.

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These index cards are ruled on one side with classic blue lines, which makes it easy to write neatly and legibly. The paper has a nice weight, being neither too thick nor too thin. There is little to no bleed-through on these index cards when using standard pens.

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These tabbed index cards come in bright and fun colors, and include tabs that jut up a half-inch. These features make them great for organizing, whether you plan to toss them into a folder or keep them in an index card box. They also can be used as flashcards, for keeping subject-specific notes organized and more.

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This set of index cards is a unique spiral-bound option that provide fantastic convenience, as the binding keeps all the cards in one place. When using these index cards to teach younger children, the binding can keep them from scattering or losing the cards. The assorted colors make it easy to color-code the cards for different purposes, such as teaching sight words and spelling words or even learning math.

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These index cards make great prep tools. They feature ruled lines on one side, making them easy to write on when taking notes or creating flashcards. The paper is a good weight and there is minimal bleed-through on the cards when they are used with regular ink. The variety of color choices offers color-coding opportunities.

Expert Commentary

Index cards are great for teachers and students alike. They are a great tool for teachers who need help keeping groups and stations organized and are a good resource for students who need help with memorization.



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