Best Index Card Binders

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Each pack of index cards in this set has 100 blank cards, a binder ring and a plastic cover with an elastic band to keep everything in place. Each pack has a different colored cover, making it easy to color-code for different classes or subjects.

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The filler paper in this set is a bit larger than the standard index card — it measures 5.5 by 8.5 inches. The tab dividers have pockets that are perfect for storing extra index cards or notes.

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The see-through binder makes it easy to identify the top card. Choose from an assortment of colors — blue, red or green. Each binder comes with dividers for improved organization.

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Each binder comes with 50 pre-punched lined index cards as well as refills. Plus, you’ll like that it also comes with a bonus custom pen. Each set features a red, green and blue binder.

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This half-inch thick binder can hold up to 100 sheets of paper. Made from durable vinyl, this is meant to last the entire school year and is small enough to slip into a work bag or backpack

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Students will like that they can open the rings to remove cards as needed, making it a perfect solution for when it’s time to study a few key points.

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Each binder comes with 100 lined index cards, dividers and stickers. The cards measure 3 by 5 inches and are bound by a single binder ring that can be opened to remove or rearrange cards.

Expert Commentary

Not only are these index dividers cute and convenient, but they are also extremely useful for kids, parents and teachers alike. You can choose the cover that best suits you, and every item allows you to easily remove and add index cards so that you can rearrange, add or subtract as you wish. You can use them as flashcards and then put them back into the binder when you are finished, so you don’t have to worry about losing any cards. These are also great for not only kids but anyone who wishes to have the flexibility of removable note cards. The use cases are endless, and these options won’t disappoint.