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Best Human Body Books

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Biology begins with the study of the human body. Not only is learning about their own inner-workings an essential part of a child’s early science curriculum, but it also helps them to broaden their vocabulary, providing a relatable introduction to scientific terms.

It’s important for children to learn about their bodiesʼ growth and development, from the five senses all the way to puberty. Learning more about the anatomy of the body and how it functions can also lead to healthier choices when it comes to physical activities and diet. Children may become more confident in their own skin once they know how their bodies’ systems work together. The following list of educational titles can help children from pre-kindergarten onward engage with the basics of the human body.

Most Interactive

Ultimate Bodypedia: An Amazing Inside-Out Tour of the Human Body (National Geographic Kids) (Hardcover)

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Longtime National Geographic author Patricia Daniels brings the biology of the human body to life with colorful illustrations and simple explanations. “Ultimate Bodypedia: An Amazing Inside-Out Tour of the Human Body” allows children ages 7 to 12 to journey through the crucial systems that run throughout the human body. It utilizes activities, quiz questions and experiments to reinforce the reader’s comprehension of the subject.

Best for Story Time

Inside Your Outside: All About the Human Body (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library) (Hardcover)

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Follow The Cat in the Hat on a whirlwind adventure through the human body. Children explore brain function and bone structure, and they even swim in the bloodstream as they discover what happens on their insides.

Author Tish Rabe manages to capture the whimsical nature of the world of Dr. Suess in “Inside Your Outside: All About the Human Body.” One of 19 titles in The Cat in the Hat learning series, it is a great way to introduce children ages 4 through 8 to how the body works while also enjoying an entertaining story. It also helps children better identify the parts of the body, such as major organs, while helping them learn interesting subjects such as how food travels through the digestive system.

Most Informative

Human Body! (Knowledge Encyclopedias) (Hardcover)

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Children ages 9 through 12 will spend hours developing an understanding of each part of the human body with this book. Beginning with what makes a cell all the way to the large intestine, they will enjoy page after page of amazing 3D illustrations. As part of the Knowledge Encyclopedias series, “Human Body!” gives highly detailed information regarding each level of the body. With each new discovery, students will grow more familiar with what makes their bodies function and why. It is the perfect way to give children a head start on their required science curriculum.

Best for Beginners

Little Explorers: My Amazing Body (Hardcover)

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Inspired by curious young minds and the questions that arise every day, “Little Explorers: My Amazing Body” guides children to seek out the answers for themselves in this clever lift-the-flap book. It introduces children to complex concepts of how the human body functions, and it also explains how humans are similar and different. Although the book is designed with easy-to-understand information, it still manages to give a higher level of detail than most books of this type. It also allows children to develop new vocabulary and self-awareness tools. Recommended for children in the 5 to 8 age range, it is a great addition to any child’s library.

Best Reference

First Human Body Encyclopedia (DK First Reference) (Hardcover)

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From the publishers of the best-selling Lego books comes the perfect title for little scientists or future doctors. “First Human Body Encyclopedia” makes learning biology basics fun and easy. With the aid of self-led quizzes and simple diagrams, children ages 7 to 10 can learn about the amazing features of the human body. Feed curious minds as they discover each part of our systems including an age-appropriate explanation of the reproductive system. This book is perfect for science prep and helps make learning biology fun.

Expert Commentary

“Helping children and students learn about their bodies and basic anatomy matters over the short-term and long-term for their intellectual development. Regardless of the book you choose, some interactive aspect to the learning is very helpful.”

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