Best Homeschool Supplies for Toddler Success

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There are five posters in this set: 2-D and 3-D shapes, numbers 1-10, numbers 1-100, the alphabet and colors. Each poster features bright colors and large font that is easy to read.

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Pipe cleaners, googly eyes, pompoms, popsicle sticks and more will help inspire creativity in children. Crafts are great for hands-on exploration of colors, shapes and textures.

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With this counting toy set, you’ll get a fun baking set of mini muffins that help children understand counting and numbers while practicing fine motor skills.

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Crayola’s crayons are an essential item for homeschooling toddlers. The large size is easy for them to grip and the pigments are bold and will provide hours of entertainment.

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Scissors are also an essential homeschool supply for toddlers. We like that these scissors are smaller and are designed for kids as young as four to properly use them with care.

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With this block set, young children will learn colors, numbers, letters and basic words. Every side of the block is printed for endless fun.

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This book helps toddlers learn to count from one to 10 and in multiples of 10 up to 40. The tabbed design makes it easy for little hands to flip through the book.

Expert Commentary

More and more research reveals the importance of learning at the toddler stage, when the brain is rapidly developing and making new neural connections. Ensure your household is equipped with supplies that are amenable to a child’s brain development. These supplies are engaging, colorful and appropriate for a toddler to understand.